ARIA Las Vegas DETAILED hotel room review

Watch in HD. This is a DETAILED review of the Deluxe room, the lowest priced option available. The pools are OPEN during the winter months – all year round! Many hotels close them but ARIA keeps them open. The heated pools are awesome. There are a total of four pools. One large heated pool and three small spa tub style pools with powered jets! Towels are free downstairs (as many as you need). There is a $25 PER DAY resort fee per room, added on top of your reservation cost. This covers your cost for pool and gym use, as well as high speed internet (unlimited) in your room.


TheFend3r says:

I had some real concerns about the ventilation in the shitter, phew, thanks for putting me at ease!! 😛

Michelle Francis says:

You don’t have to tell us EVERYTHING. “Here is the bathroom exhaust.”

fernandoharo3 says:

thats awesome i was in room 35118

Jessica Allen says:

That hotel room looks great. My brother wants us to go to Las Vegas together, I will look into this hotel and have him look at your video.

Still Blazin says:

hahaha how come you only shot one single scene without the shirt on (can see black sleeves in all the rest)…

I smell b b b bullshit

John gray says:

Outstanding review… this is the kind of thing I like to see, detailed review of all areas that are important when it comes to a hotel. Nice work.

Steve Brown says:

Very detailed review of the hotel room, nice job!

Fromkin1 says:

this guy brought a nintendo with him to Vegas. Sounds like someone didn’t plan on getting laid. 

George Dixon says:

great video – much appreciated – you seem like a great guy!

zatoichi101 says:

Hey, this was an excellent review!! Thanks!!

Trevor Ramdeen says:

I will be staying at the Aria in Sep 2013 and this is exactly the type of information I needed. Wonderfully done. Thank you.

directlysystematic says:

This was a great review, I really appreciated how detailed you were. It is really useful, and I thank you for doing this.

fun travel guy says:

i was using the pool downstairs and came up and started recording. i wore a bathrobe to go down. i removed it when i came up, hence no shirt. this is a good hotel if you enjoy the newest in furnishings and modern design. enjoy your stay 🙂

whatever04 says:

Ah, dude. This vid is so much better & so much more professional..

no videos, just wanted to comment.... says:

Did anyone notice that when he was showing the mirror, he took of his shirt?

Ishbu101 says:

Put a shirt on our gain 20 lbs of muscle. Your choice

John Huynh says:

I already booked it, cant wait!

K Ford says:

lots of hangars


Shame… no jacuzzi and the size of the tub is for a child.

sway2000 says:

Nice. This was basically my point of view when I first went to the room. Thanks for posting.

Ron Savir's aviationchannel says:

bathroom is bigger in mandaley bay and better so is the room. although looks very nice this room. mandaley seems better

Nathan Hum says:

I’m staying at aria right now but I got the one with 2 rooms and a kind of living room

fun travel guy says:

i came upstairs from the pool and shot the vanity wide angle. it’s the same person in the video. i am not a commercial guy. i make no money off my videos nor was i paid anything or to even make this video by aria.

coffEKolor says:

yeah yeah…rub it in!….*smile*

STEVENRBGermany says:

shittyplace. The Financial Advisor is an Iranian cunt.

Mike Lopez says:

I’ve been to Trump’s hotel right across the way and that was by far the most luxurious thing I’ve ever seen. Time to start printing money!

Angelica Watson says:

Lol really cool video thanks

Inc02 says:

When you say detailed, you MEAN detailed. hahah

Lee Hakner says:

Great review! Planning on going there for my honeymoon September next year (We will take the room with view to the strip though).

TheFend3r says:

And now you’ve detailed how to calm my addiction to early 90’s videogames thanks again!

ChromoFed says:

Sonic boom!

Online Casinos Canada (OCC) says:

This is a great idea. I need to check YouTube before booking with a hotel to watch videos like this. That way I know what the inside looks like.

Gandu says:

going there tomorrow and staying three nights! oh baby i’m excited. by the way, did you take off your shirt just to record the mirror? lol!

Thomas Hertle says:

1:38 you´re in great shape man LOL

Chippy Charli says:

Um my mom is staying there for four nights and my uncle is paying for it. It is mostly cool. The only uncool part about it is in not going. Whaaa

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