5 Worst Cheap Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

The top 5 worst cheap hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Thinking of booking a cheap hotel in Las Vegas? You might want to reconsider if it’s one of these hotels! Las Vegas has some amazing luxury hotels, and then it is also some really really awful hotels. Based on tripadvisor rankings, I walk through the five worst cheap hotels on the strip.

5. Excalibur Hotel:
3.5 Stars with 3,588 Reviews

The Excalibur is big and soulless. The problems are with the size of the hotel, its a giant over 4500 rooms, many rooms have awful views in to the depressing courtyard. Long check-in lines… often waits of 45 minutes The whole hotel has a musty/smoky smell, that you don’t get in other Las Vegas Strip hotels.

4. Hooters Hotel
3 Stars with 3,646 Reviews

The Hooters hotel is very dated. Looks like it hasn’t been kept up since it was built. They could at least do better with cleaning with a facility this run down. It was slightly better than a Motel 6. Starting Advertised room price of $36 become almost $60 at booking checkout the to additional $27 per night as resort fee. This hotel is in desperate need of renovation. The only glimmer of hope was the food and the hospitality staff inside of the Hooters restaurant.

3. Travel Lodge Center Strip
$67 / night
3 stars with 1,079 Reviews

If you’re interested in a location in the heart of Las Vegas: this is perfect. If you care about feeling safe, clean room and nice surroundings: the don’t stay at the Travel Lodge Las Vegas Center Strip. The windows looked like someone had try to pry them open in the past. I did not feel safe in this hotel. The corners of the hotel inner courtyard were used as urinals by pedestrians of the strip crossing the hotel entrance.

2. Travel Lodge Las Vegas
$37 / night
3 Stars with 537 Reviews

The Travel Lodge Las Vegas hotel has a good location right next to the Circus Circus hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. However, it has nothing else. You get what you pay for so don’t be expecting much. The outside stairs coming from downstairs to the second floor smelled like human urine.

1. Circus Circus Manor Motor Lodge
$19.80 / night
2.5 Stars with 295 Reviews

Located in the back of the Circus Circus hotel, the Circus Circus manor rooms are extremely old and run down. The place is filthy , the carpet is disgusting . The windows on the doors are dirty filthy. The wallpaper in the halls is peeling off and looks nasty. A step above a homeless shelter. Entire hotel has a wet smell to it.

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Anthony Tubbs says:


Alamir Ali says:

Wow. Thnx.

MickyAvStickyHands says:

I went to circus circus in ’96… it was a shit even then.

mayder 40 says:

This is not surprising because most of the people walking around the main tourist areas look, dress and talk as if they stayed in these hotels and left behind the smells, damage and stains.  Just people watching while strolling up and down the main drag will make you doubt the concept that all mankind is created equal.

Jason McAllister says:

Spot on with Excaliber. Long check in. Been there once back in 1993, then again 2014. The last visit they gave my extended family a room that had not been cleaned and smelled horrible. My room was upgraded for free when they found out I was military. My experience was just fine, but the place is dated. Get a room that has an overview of the pool.

Christopher Haddock says:

trip advisor…. terrible source. pretty sure you know little about the place. how many of these places have you stayed ANYWHERE on this list?

Chido Boy says:

Vegas is wack after your first time, shit gets old..

mayder 40 says:

Including other opinions makes sense if he also has his own personal experience. Probably more likely to get an average.  Doesn’t one eliminate the most glowing and the least complimentary reviews?

Satya Rajaram says:

Please add Stratosphere as well..Just an unmemorable experience..:-{{

Jugoso J says:

The travelodge in the center of the strip is not that bad. i loved it cause it was literally steps from the strip.

waverly2468 says:

I have stayed at CC several times. I call the Manor rooms “the nuclear bunker”. It’s fine for the money. The tower rooms are just as bad. These cheap hotels are the only places that still have low definition TV. The check-in line at CC is long but it moves fast and the desk people are very nice. CC is a dump but it ‘s still a fun place. That adventuredome is a dump. The Midway is a dump but it’s fun. That McDonalds on the Midway is the dirtiest McD’s anywhere. But I still like CC.

Troy Elich says:

Surprised Harrahs didn’t make the list. 1 hour and 26 minutes to check in. Rooms were old…real old. They are renovating right now, but I had an old room. Advertised for $50. At checkout I was surprised to see I was charged $84. I was unaware of the $34 “resort fee”. Won’t stay there again. I’m writing this in January 2018. Maybe it’ll get better.

Mina Jau says:

I just went to Vegas Dec 8 -12 and stayed at excalibur. Ive seen better rooms but not anything I just couldnt deal with. We stayed ln the 4th floor had a great view of the strip & very quiet..Beds are very comfortable, best sleep I’ve had in a looong time. Not bad

Derek Goldsmitih says:

Stayed at Circus Circus, adequate for a short stay. More gambling money. Found a spent bullet cartridge in the room. For an Englishman, never come across a bullet before.

Richard Marc Denton says:

Several years ago we stayed at the Circus Circus Manor. It was bad back then, and from your review, I see that no improvements have been made. It was dirty, ill-kept, and smokey. The casino was old, outdated, in need of renovation. Doesn’t look like anything has changed. I thought the place needed to be torn down. Apparently, the owners are still soaking unknowing tourists. This place gives Las Vegas a bad reputation & needs to be avoided at all costs. And yes, your commitments about it being a “homeless shelter” are right on.

Laura Daly says:

I stayed in the Excalibur when it was a new hotel, and I didn’t like it even then. It was noisy and crowded

Joe Mccomas says:

The Nugget was a rip off. 50 doller service fee. Cost over 100 just to check out.

coollikesatan says:

“The whole floor smells like marijuana” what a pussy

Giada_De_Low_Rent_Tits says:

Luxor: took over an hour to check in, the whole place smelled like a fucking ashtray. The Luxor sucks shit.

Dirk Diggler says:

you should go down town.

Yellow Productions says:

Have you stayed at some awful Las Vegas strip hotels? Maybe one of these? Or did I miss another awful cheap hotel that should’ve been in this list?

Fred Behrend says:

I love that Travelodge, being on street level was so cool.

First Amendment says:

It’s Las Vegas you pussies….people smoke. If you can’t handle it, FUCKING leave.

Justin W says:

So you reviewed a bunch of reviews? Creative

Salvador H says:

Who cares about the rooms that’s cheap under 30 bucks you fucken crazy

Hunk Golden says:

What do you expect for 28 bucks

Big Sexty says:

All depends on what experience you want. If your in Vegas to gamble , what you really need a clean room, easy access to liberal slut, and Uber! If you want to be that typical coastal liberal that suffers from TDS, stay at one of the bigger resorts !!! Those hotels this mentally deranged whatever sex that is decided to show are very old too. There is a reason why they are cheap! What a stupid libtard! For the money, The Plaza downtown was a. Nice place for the price. Staff was wonderful!

Anthony Tubbs says:

cant expect a whole for 27 dollars a night

Tommy O Donovan says:

$20 per night….I’d rather sleep in the car.

hi hi says:

I say one hotel that should be on this list is the MGM. I don’t know about others experiences but mine was awful. The smells, the room, and workers were all pretty terrible. I’m surprised that the MGM never made this list.

1banana2kiwis says:

It’s Vegas…. just go. Don’t be a whiner and you’ll have the time of your life…. if you choose.

gbriank1 says:

It sounds like the Salvation Army would be preferable to many of these establishments.

mayder 40 says:

soul-less not solace. There’s got to be a better word than soul-less. The point of the clip is lack of attention, maintenance. Keep up language standards too.

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