Trying to Find the WORST (and Cheapest) Hotel in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is expensive. That is something most people know, but hotels in Hong Kong can be next level expensive. On my last trip to Hong Kong, there was a big electronics conference in town, and it was almost impossible to find an affordable hotel, as all prices were more than double. I made it my mission that week to find the cheapest hotel. The results were hilarious.

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deandre colding says:

Damn $80 in the bay area will get you a regular motel 6

Kaloyan Nikolov says:

songs names pls

BananaramaYT says:

Is the second hotel the one that Johnny English was shot in ?

Samuel Pezzetta says:

The production and narrative of this video are great! It feels like a little short film!

nes nilba says:

For sure he missed up hongkong dollars to USD like chungking mansion cost only 150 hkd per night.and if you pay at least 150 $ you could already get a decent hotel not a cheap airbnb or chungking mansion.

no, it's venn says:

okay but your voice is really calming

Daniel says:

Nice tip toe.

I’ve been everywhere, the mainlanders are the least considerate, most unpleasant, worst tourists I’ve ever seen.

CleoPhoenix says:

What if you have to use the toilet immediately after the shower? Me slipping causing projectile missiles just doesnt seems appealing…

Cheap Cooking Channel says:

‘Although I didn’t partake.’ Dude we know you partook.

Blade Runner says:

150 us dollars is not cheap

Jody Young says:

Oh. Hong Kong, the paradise of the rich, and hell of ….

Erpe Jernej says:

chungking mansion stayed twice 😀 First time was a shock but next time was experience 😀 Rooms not that bad 😛

Paul B says:

Probably should have noted that there was a fair in town in the title. These places are generally very very cheap. Pointless video.

Carolyne Rangel says:


XxNinjaDoesMCxX says:

Love getting 5 ads lol

will gordon says:

Dude don’t think you shopped around to wisely. Was able to get a place nicer then all those places for $60 a night

Isaac Rizard says:

I can’t imagine the kind of hotel in HK… So small…

Daniel Membrey says:

dude I dont know why you were paying so much for such crap. I stayed in chunking mansions for 25USD, was tiny, but fit a double bed and had hot water..

Namjoon willhelpyuhdimthelights says:

something about him makes me wanna punch him for some reason

darklord phantom says:

Sooooooooooooo…. did you order any girls?? Lol jk they probably been crave up already.. Buttttt I might still order some of them tho if I vist alone lol.

laowhy86 says:

READ – This was during an electronics fair, so prices were more than double.
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krystyn cabanatan says:

hMmMM..i’ve been living in hong kong since birth..你真係 sure a crappy hotel is 150USD?

Hardxcore Geekin' It w/ Major G says:

What’s a Chungking Mansion?

AC Fake says:

But man , most of the hong kong people live in a smaller place so you pretty much get picture of how shitty our life is .

Anna Dębska says:

It’s far away from the worst hotels in Hong Kong

pnuttboi says:

in the future for your shirts and whatnot, I have a cheapish American guy I know from my childhood. he can print anything you want, so long as you have an image.

Owen Prescott says:

I stayed in a capsule hotel in Taiwan. The mosquito’s were a nightmare.

Lightning Visions says:

Chunking mansion, Nathan road. Cheap dive rooms. Indians selling drugs (buy watch sir? You want suit made? What do you need sir? Weed? Hash? girl? what you need sir?). African hookers. Indian food. Smells like curry, piss, and mold. 150 HKD.

Diana Yu says:

I have never been to Hong Kong, but I once got a decent room for 75 USD in central Shanghai, and a very big room in a high rated hotel for 300 USD in central Tokyo, hotels can’t be that expensive in Hong Kong, it should be HK dollars right?

Drew says:

You have bro job face, let’s be friends!

ArtisArthur 2 says:

Go to Best Westren Hotel because that’s where I went and it’s pretty nice 4 start hotel and $200 a night

Chow Chowfluffy says:

For some reason the way you’re describing things sounds like an F Scott Fitzgerald novel!

Lithium says:

the true definition of cyberpunk

bryan rzoska says:

Eye opening

1ex1uger says:

I never went inside Chungking mansion, but I was harassed by a gang of Indian drug dealers who did the same thing to every other person who walked by the property at night.

Blade Runner says:

Cool u can shit and shower in the bathroom

Alisha says:

It’s really hit or miss in Hong Kong. It’s better to stay in a big hotel chain. Your room will be bigger and less chance of cockroaches and dangerous areas.

Julian M says:

You should try “Ranjeets Guest House”

George Mulligan says:

What a shithole

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