Room 2625 tour @ JW Marriott Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hello everyone! I am currently on holiday in Hong Kong and I am staying at the JW Marriott. I filmed this on the first day that I was here, and I’m uploading this video from this very room. Enjoy!


2005ando says:

Nice hotel room! I really like the triangle window feature

Jorge Medina Lafarga says:

OMG you like MANA? nice mexican group 😀

C Li says:

Who did you go with to Hong Kong

DerangedSloth555 says:

Dat penguin!

Steve Lin says:

Hi, i suggest that you stop moving your left hand so much because it’s really annoying.

Quang Minh Lê says:

what time you travel?

alexlovesmac says:

Lol. It’s not in Europe…

YB Yohani says:

Umbrella provided! Never have had that so far here.

alexlovesmac says:

There will always be people who would want to watch hotel room tours.

05Forenza says:

I find it comical that this JW in Hong Kong has the same rollaway bed that my Courtyard in Colorado, US has lol

shaarvin kumaran says:

Nice room

The Sock Monkey! says:

Marriotts are really neat hotels. I stayed in one in Los Angeles that was really nice.

TheStevenbald says:

How many star is this hotel?

The Sock Monkey! says:


Inferati says:

Pretty jealous of this hotel room lol

Maad says:

I am currently on a vacation in Langkawi lool

Mr Luis Cavaca says:

Ty i love your videos (everything) you are the best ! 😉

Olando1313 says:

What is your purpose for this clip? I see nothing special at all,It’s just hotel room.

TheStevenbald says:

Very cute penguin LOL

Miguel Barros says:

Love this type of videos Alex! Nice job once again 🙂

Import Car Enthusiast says:

I stayed in a really cool Hyatt in Lombard when I came up to your area a couple months ago! We got a suite that had like a couch and a bar area and two double beds. It was pretty sweet!

alexlovesmac says:

And you’re being rude because?

Steve Lin says:

Aww you should have played come and get it. 🙁

ClaudeSpeed30 says:

Sweet music man. You speak any Spanish?

TheStevenbald says:

The Hotel look quite expensive

All Sovereign says:

It’s a hotel in Hong Kong fool

Ivan V says:

if you lost your iphone 5 why dont yo use the iphone 4 you had earlier instead of the 3gs?

Thelwel Johnson says:

Why europ have all the good stuff

The Sock Monkey! says:

Very nice!

Markus says:

Wow u listen Mana , good taste 😉 , all latins love this band. Thx u one more time to show us a room tour

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