JW Marriott Hong Kong Hotel Review

A video review of the JW Marriott Hong Kong hotel. The JW Marriott is convienently located for tourist and business travelers on Hong Kong Island, less than a 5 minute walk from the Admirality MTR station.

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Yellow Productions says:

Somehow I don’t think any of my sneakers would’ve qualified for the shoe shining service 🙂

SumpahGW Ganteng says:

1:14  number 13? 😀

Yellow Productions says:

I stay at both Hiltons and Marriotts… on this trip to Hong Kong I stayed at the JW Marriott and the Conrad… and there definitely was much value squeezed out of the Conrad. Double le sigh.

Pierre Li says:

Wow this must be sooo expensive !

Johnston Ralston says:

Ad mir ality    lol

Jake Merchant says:

How good is their English in general? 🙂

Yellow Productions says:

On average it runs about $400/night.. I booked it as a Marriott Rewards stay though 🙂

Sam Bissett says:

ad-mir-al-ity bahahhaha

Bobby Wade says:

I’m a Hilton guy but they continue to squeeze away value from their business traveler base so much I’m ready to burn my points and leave the program. Le sigh, Blackstone group.

Yellow Productions says:

Jake: The staff’s English at the JW Marriott Hong Kong was excellent.

artist wolf20 says:

im watching this in my hotel now in honkong

Electric Rick says:

I hope you had a chance to try out the shoe shining service 🙂

imaworkinprogresst00 says:

you may think its cute to have those animated hand gestures, but actually its not!! try to control that and have your hands in you pockets. also some of the things that you describe sounds condescending…just letting you know, I enjoyed it but the hand thingy is annoying..I would not sub you but would watch a couple of the vids…..thanks 

Dilhood says:

i was lucky enough to stay here for a holiday and i also highly recommend this hotel!

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