Inside the world’s highest hotel: The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong (+ review)

Read my review of The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong here:

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jackson woth says:

i love thos channel please keep update

TheAltair236 says:

great design!

Ohitsnaan says:

I thought it was Marriott Marquais Dubai 72 levels

andreas walker says:

what’s the background music ?

Natasha Stojsic says:

Gorgeous hotel!

atl3630 says:

Everything I know about Hong Kong I learned from battles in Twisted Metal 2 on Playstation 2. Awesome game. Nice city to launch rockets at other motorists, also.

Grumpy Cat says:

Sorry i meant Hyatt Regency Kowloon..

woodadmin - says:

the richest chick hors in the world hotel

Carlo Alberto says:

the view in the beginning was pretty depressing in my opinion lol

furbygr says:

i had a corner suite there last year. It was amazing

Jack Manson-Lill says:


MrDollars73 says:

Such a beautiful and inspiring video. Thank you so much!!

johnny horowitz says:

your channel name has also to reflect how you fly Buisness is not Luxury fly first class everytime and show us

Lil Lt says:

Plies brought me here

Michael Tsang says:

Hong Kong is truely one of the best city, it is amazing.

it'sMe TheHerpes says:

ahem… those are not clouds… that is what we call SMOG !

LieberBecksBier alsShakespeare says:

Great Video as allways, but I and (i belive) many others are really interested in the fitnessfacilities and the gym. Would be great to see a tour through the gym in your next productions!

Mr. Inzeo says:

Top Ten favorite hotel. Views, restaurant, rooms … just very well done.

Pranavananda Chintalapudi says:

narrating the video would have been much better instead

Grumpy Cat says:

Yes this is nice.. I liked the view from grand hyatt kowloon better than ritz carlton one though… But this is nice also.. Congrats for the great vid


isn’t the Burj Khalifa “Armani” hotel in Dubai the highest hotel in the world? correct me plz…

Harold JP Castro M says:

I really enjoy your videos, gives me ideas on where to travel next!

Terrence Linder says:

Someday, someday.

ali sheikh says:


TallAndThin123 says:

cant believe a swimming pool is possible that high up , the ozone bar looks cool, do you do all these journeys by yourself or do you have companions?

Tal says:

that view was breathtaking enough even on a cloudy day!  amazing!

Beast Mega gaming says:

This cost 25.000 per night premier room is 50.000 per night

Ohitsnaan says:

It’s part of the ICC as the Armarni Hotel is part of Burj Khalifa. technically Ritz HKG is 16 levels

Diane Thompson says:

I don’t have much of an opportunity to travel. I went on a cruise 15 years ago. You would think that watching your videos would just depress me, but not at all. I really enjoy your adventures and your impressions on travel. I really like the production too.

Travel With Alexis says:

Great video. I really enjoy it! Come watch mine, too 🙂

Josh Evans says:

With views like that I’d stay in my room all day and order room service!

Robin Ram says:

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your magnificent experience with the world!

Ulani Charles says:


Annick Nasarallah says:

Great video 🙂 I thought the At.mosphere lounge in the Burj Khalifa was highest. This is stunning.

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