Hong Kong Hotel Review | Luxury for CHEAP – BEST Hotel in Hong Kong?

*We want to apologize for the audio issues in this video. At the time, we didn’t know our mic was broken! Microphone is now fixed!*

We stayed in a CHEAP but LUXURY hotel in Hong Kong. We know how hard it is to find decent accommodation for a good price in Hong Kong, and since we found it, we wanted to make sure to give it a review so that you can stay here during your trip to Hong Kong. Highlights: big, quiet rooms, comfortable bed, fast WIFI, various dining options, GYM, POOL, SAUNA, loads of restaurants around, right outside MTR Station and dingy, and gorgeous views!

We want to know what your experience was with accommodations in Hong Kong. Have you stayed here before?

Also do you enjoy the hotel/train reviews? We want to continue doing more to make travelling for YOU easier! Give us your feedback in the comments. We love hearing for you all!

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Jacinta Wong says:

Hi Sabrina, you are doing a great job. wow!!! awesome view and that hotel look very clean and nice. 2 thumbs up for your filming

Melanie Peek says:

She did a good job!!!

hchinvan says:

Simply stunning! Room is not bad either…

Sharon Believer says:

How lovely to see a large city minus the trash. Wonderful looking accommodations. Do you ever get negative reactions when you are walking around filming everything?

Luke Martin RAW says:

Hey everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the REVIEWS. We really loved this hotel and it was one of our favorite stays in Hong Kong. So, if you’re headed there and want to check out the hotel, this is the link to their website: https://www.harbour-plaza.com/northpoint/Index-en.htm. Remember that booking in advance and through websites like Agoda can save you lots of money! Thank you so much for watching and any feedback is greatly appreciated. We love hearing from you all! 🙂

IO_Error says:

You know what would have been perfect ? As you were filming outside you walked to a snack shop and caught Luke with a mouth full of Spicy Beef noodles in his mouth. with a guilty I was caught snacking without Sabrina look on his face. lol! Anyway this was a great informative video! Thanks Sabrina!

Yulianna Katz says:

This is the worst promotional video ever

Jason Jamal Nakleh says:

Damn, Sabrina- you are stunning. Absolutely gorgeous.

Peter Luk says:

Nice hotel but would prefer to see the places to see and eat.

FashionStatementz says:

I really like how you are doing different things on your channel!

Balochistani Tech Support says:

is there no sweeter ting than THE fairest of all fair maidens that IS sabrina ‘ answer is simply NO !!

NB that soundtrack ‘ i thinked i woz transported 2 mama cheungs channel & in hong kong as well !!

Eikie Sommer says:

Pretty good hotel for north point area, not many people knows this place. Thanks for showing
this good value hotel. May stay there next time in HK.

Robert GUENTHER says:

I like seeing videos like this.! Helpful for people planning trips. Great video Sabrina!

Feel Thai says:

Beautiful hotel 🙂 Hong Kong too

Robert Fung says:

Nice hotel , and by the way , you are so beautiful.

KM Y says:

Thank you Sabrina! I enjoyed the tour of the hotel. I am always curious about hotels in other cities. It’s amazing how empty that nice pool area was. Sabrina, I hope you will branch out, & do more videos.

Paddy the Man says:

When I visit Hong Kong, I usually stay in Regal Riverside Hotel which is located in Shatin area. It’s only 10 minutes walking distance to MTR station but there is bus stop in front of the hotel. Location is convenience.

lalnurn puia says:

Hey Luke and Sabrina ,I’m satisfied to watch your channel and you guys are so cute and eagerly waiting next vedio

Craig Betts says:

nice tour of the room and hotel Sabrina I enjoyed, a change from food and the country side but still cool and was that Lobster & Black Truffle Pizza I saw on that Mexican menu different combo

Phiology says:

I love hotels especially the ones that has everything. Love you more than Luke haha jk

Navus_X says:

Ok Luke you can take a break from the 2nd channel for a little while, Sabrina is doing a fabulous job + she’s better looking as well :). Yes you’re absolutely right about this hotel, my memory of Hong Kong is just a tiny room with not much view compare to this one. Great find !

Shreyas Patil says:

You look prettier without your glasses on 🙂

Grayson Guice says:

thanks so much to you guys providing more content lately!!! its such a treat to see as much of china, and all these incredibly fascinating places you go to all the more

Tina Klinger says:

Sabrina did an excellent job reviewing the hotel. That huge pool looks as amazing as the dessert bar!!!

Kenny Rogers says:

Wooooow!! This hotel loooooooks amazing!! I like swmming in the pool!!! Great facilities and great place to stay!! Great review!! Enjoy your trip and see U anytime!!

Eric Tiu says:

Hi, how much it cost per nite in hk dollar?

pang vue says:

love u seeing you more on these videos! Thanks for the review!

MsKestrela says:

This hotel tour and review was done like a pro! Nice takeover, Sabrina. I’d love to see a comparison with a ‘budget’ hotel.

olenick 7734 says:

Nice Hotel and good to see you Sabrina, Well Done.

Tom Reyes says:

Awesome video Sabrina. You hit all the important points of ones hotel needs. Glad you guy’s were able to find that type of accommodation’s.

Ken Yup says:

It looks like this room is cost over $1000 hkd per night I guess

Robert Peters says:

Great video today Sabrina!

Kristina Ashcraft says:

it is a nice place ill have to check it out in the future she did great love that yall are always smilling hope yall have a great week

Prasanna Periyannan says:

what is the price per night ,

Sothary Nham says:

First, I just want to say you look beautiful. Because usually I don’t see you dress up or put make up. But that hotel is legit. Thanks for the review and I wish you talk more with Luke. Good looking couple <3

Jaime Castillo says:

nice place and hotel

platinum reptiles says:

Thank you Sabrina. I’m happy you finally did a accommodation tour. Remember I asked for one a few weeks ago and you replied to me. I’m wondering if this is generally the kind of place you stay in or does it tend to be slightly more down market ??? Keep them coming see you over at your main channel xxx

TheJRvidman says:

Please keep such reviews coming! Iove it!

jeff armstrong says:

Please keep doing the travel and hotel reviews. Its good to see, as well as helpful in the long run. The review sites can only share so much. But also ,maybe add in when/if you have issues with getting from location to location. other than that keep up with the good work, both channels are well worth the time spent watching.

Wayne Kerr says:

Nicely done Sabrina! and a good summary at the end Luke.

jcgoobee says:

Enjoy your videos as always. North Point is one of the most populated areas in Hong Kong and tons of good street food around the area. You’ll have a great time there for sure. The hotel you’re staying looks really good and having a view to the waterfront is a clear indication that you guys paid a premium price for that. Enjoy!!!

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