Chungking mansions is located in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), just jump out metro station C1 and look accross the road and there it is. I give you a tour and some of the most budget friendly guesthouses in the city ! TST is located close to all the major attractions and it is super easy to travel by metro to see almost everything you wish ! Pair public transport with street food snacks and supermarket bites and you’ve got yourself an easy and budget friendly adventure in hong kong.

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Big BlackClocks says:

You did awful with this showing of the places of how you talk, please do more research on a place before you go to it. You could of done it much better if you sounded like you knew anything smh

charlie KC says:

Shower, sleep, pack n go, save money for food n shopping why not?

Bee Chan says:

only tourists go there—chung king building.

Pat Andersen says:

Great video!, thanks for posting.

Jason Martin says:

Where is the elevator at/ which floor? I’ll be staying at Travellers hostel next week and I saw it on the board in this video (:

S W ToDi says:

No decent local people will ever go to this notorious building! In fact, I had lived in Happy Valley, Hong Kong side for 35 years before I left for Canada and I had seldom go to Kowloon side except for business deal! Please do your homework before showing!

Shane S.lim says:

Not safety , feels scared while walking downstairs.

ItsHelenKayy says:


Peyton Elizabeth says:

This girl looks coked out as fuck lol.

Jonathan Edward says:

Great video. Thanks. I was wondering whether you can recommend me something okayisch (aorund 8000 HKD pm) for a 3 month-stay. I’ll be doing an exchange in HK and my classes are taking place on HK Island. Many thanks!

Mimi B says:

Chung Kung stay are not hostel or inn. By local standard these rooms are sold to prostitution activities. Pls do not stay there

legitjames YT says:

i went there too

squ34ky2 says:

Hostiles Inbound!!

Jii Än says:

At 3:32 nice view!

Chocolate Blunt Boy says:

Does the shower just drain through the bathroom floor ?

oko to says:

Can you smoke in the toilet?


nice video and so true loved staying and travelling

phil phil says:

The Hong Kong appartement Just like a cage for the bird. When some uncivilised people there. The rubbish Hong Kong.

jet ponte says:

i consider to stay here but upon seeing the tour….. no way. thanks for this helpful video.

Dan says:

i have stayed in Chungking Mansions many times, always at the Apple in B block on the 10th floor, the staff are lovely and so friendly. It was so good to see them in your video. I highly recommend them for a good inexpensive place to stay in Hong Kong.

S W ToDi says:

True, even in Canada, as soon as those Indian centralized in one area, the property value in that area plummets and other nationals moves out for good! It is the same phenomenon like certain Negro cities in the USA!

terryv says:

“Hostel” is not pronounced “hos-style”! Stop saying “hos-style”!!!!!!!!!

Jay N says:

pretty nuts when you conaider a room at the midrange American hotels are like 60-80 usd a night. I guess it’s pretty comparable as the price does go way up in big cities.

Reeze Vlog says:

that place, u get what u paid for… there are other places have same price accomodations, but safer….


that building should be taken down ASAP

Ri Ha Park says:

feels and look unsafe in that building

E Choi says:

Convenient location, small but individual room with individual toilet for hostel price. And lots of restaurants downstairs. I would stay.

First Up says:

Hostel, not hostile. 🙂

Steven Wilde says:

Stayed there loads of times as a uk expat doing visa runs from china. If you act like a tourist the touts will bother you. Just cheap accommodation not a holiday. You get what you pay for, it is a shit hole, there are prostitutes and drug dealers but ok for a night if your stuck

S W ToDi says:


Lets Felisilda says:

Dont even try Dhillon Hotel! Tsk tsk

Kam 77 says:

I’m staying here now. This building a trip. I’m in a newly renovated place called Peace Guesthouse. It’s actually clean. $23US per night. Can’t complain about that or the location. A fight broke out in the elevator. It’s dodgy as fuck downstairs. I don’t care, this place is an experience. I don’t feel unsafe. And outside is the biggest Chinatown I have ever explored, mmmm, dim sum!

Burial says:


Abhilash Nayak says:

ChungKing Mansion gives me the creeps.

Mok Sat says:

I saw some troublemakers guy or known as human disease from India or Pakistan standing at entrance, this kind people are trouble with drug smuggling, terrorism and other crime in every country they went.

Thomas H says:

Prison cells have more space.

Reeze Vlog says:

i wouldnt recommend backpackers to come here, dont be fool by the low price….

poodtang1 says:

The place is full of pushy Indians trying to sell you crap. It’s a total dump. After a while just started telling them to fuck off.
I stayed at the Apple Hostel. It was a total dump and super cramped.
Park In looks way nicer than the place I stayed at.
Pay the extra and get a room to yourself. You will be glad you did.

it'sMe TheHerpes says:

1: 06 that is a disgusting screenshot.

Brian Beeler says:

I stayed at the Apple Hostel back in February. The woman seen in the video has worked for the family [running the hostel] for twenty years. For the price I was happy and would go back. The family that runs it was very nice.

IMO everyone needs to stay at the Chungking Mansion at least once in their life. I felt safer their than many places in NYC or Boston.

paula vimu says:

It’s just so hard to find a good hostel in Hong Kong ….. but girls be careful with hostel check inn HK in wan chai the owner try to rape me and thanks god there were so foreigners who saw the situation and stop him ! It was horrible.

Sue E. S. says:

I’ e booked a room in Mirador Mansion for my next year trip but just recently heard about a lot of bad there any place I can stay around TST mtr that don’t cost more than 1000 hkd for 3 nights? Please if you know, thanks..

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