THE $15,000 HOTEL ROOM in DUBAI !!!

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venomous studios says:

when he says theres a mirror above me im just like mirror on the wall

Josh says:

You know right away that Mo is still a virgin when he says “Oh look, their is a mirror on top of the bed so you can look at yourself.”

Nova Gaming ™ says:

watching your videos daily is like watching a netflix original, you should start your own show lol

Ezeezy says:

anyone else think that hotel room looks cheap and tacky?

Sultan Bin Zayed says:

your disgusting mate

Test_ User666 says:

Does money kicks have a parents?

Irshad Khatri says:

what name is ringtone

Rafih Rahman says:

why you don’t open allFAN MAIL

krish Sadh says:

You are lucky

Luckyno1 King says:

Yaa I see u get nice car. 0:10

Cyka blyat says:

why does his accent change in videos

ever'lasting Play says:

What is the song ?

Aiza Muqadar Armaan Chauhdhry says:


Kpop Ruined my whole entire life says:

I think rashad hates or dont hate mo…

Muhammad Musab says:


Irshad tech says:

what name ringtone……….



Tuomuli says:

Well atleast he is not like “meh”

M.R.L Video says:

I stayed in that sweet room in bury al arab

Syed888 Jakwan says:

mo you are so funny

Maxxo Kookies says:

lol got em!!!! nicki minaj better watch this #nickiminaj

Money Tube says:

chopa maar

Gamer Nas says:

All my GAMERS, I’m trying hard to start my channel, would you viewer’s mind helping me out with a SUB PLS???????
ALSO – Let me know what you think of the vids!!! Thanks you people ROCK!

الحمزة تيوب says:

العروبة في الإمارات ذهبت مع الريح ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

Kristoffer Hammeken says:

How many “guys” did he sad

Rohan R says:

mo I want tht song wch u had putted in 15$ hotel I. dubai

M.R.L Video says:

He took rashed Louis Vuitton back pack and a hublot

Skittle Trash says:

Calls himself Mo Vlogs. Is always looking in the view finder when vlogging.

Hasnain Ishrat says:

it is very good

Abdur Rahman says:

It’s like a house.

Adiel Swandana says:

Lol he got content because that billionaire boy

Cookie Fresh says:

my cousin Rishad see your channel

Jamaica Dancehall TV says:

special friend?

mehenaaz joemai says:


Hashim Chaudhry says:

what is the song name when you enter in the room?

phani srikar says:

at 2:05 min ,what was the song??

Aman Khalid says:

very nice hotel

Romy Romy says:

I think dubai owe you

Mr. Tee Square says:

Mo, the cat that show up was the same cat you gave food with mama mo long time ago when you went to that store to grab some food.
i guess it recognized you and show up to give thanks i guess? haha
but yeah thats what I remember. peace!

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