Luxury Armani Hotel in Dubai- $1700 Per Night (AMBASSADOR SUITE)

Here is a vlog/review at the Armani hotel in Dubai. I got the Ambassador suite and it cost 6500 UAE which is approx $1,700 per night. The Armani hotel sits directly beneath the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest tower in the World. I hope you guys enjoyed this review cause i am now seriously broke haha. But more opportunity awaits on the horizon just need to keep positive 👊🏻.

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Greg Fitch says:

Wow! Very nice. Now that’s how to holiday..

Het Lakhani says:

Good video….INDIA

Hacksidon ! says:

Nice vlog

Het Lakhani says:

Can u give me an ispin spinner with 7 bearings please

Rob Johann Marasigan says:

what a nice room bro!!!!!!!!!!!! really impressive!!!!!!!, nice video, love the intro, always take care……. from the USA

Shareena gafoor says:

you are awesome

Weekly Memes says:

Do You Think It’s Worth It?

Diana says:

Forgot to mention you looked like a celebrity.

hamada Designer says:

This sooooooo…cool

Amna Jawed says:

Nice video. Amazing hotel. I feel sorry for you since you are broke. But its okay because sell your fidget spinners to earn all that money back

Winner CHICKEN Dinner says:

I wish I could have that for just one day

Asif 565 says:

I luv trading

Rehman Yousaf says:

Wow Armani Dayum Maybe one Day I can go Dubai And live the life As You are now Nice Video Man

Garvit Gupta says:


The Ultimate Fidget Spinners, ASMR, Reviews, Comedy says:

Wow. They do go all out in Dubai.

Ankit says:

Nice vlog that Room is luxurious.

Fatih says:

I really want fidget spinner plzzzzzz, Indonesia

Dilip Kaushik says:

That night will surely make you feel like one of the richest man in the world


The facility is according to the pricre very nice

Hacksidon ! says:

Come on 2000 more subscribers to hit 200000 subs , u will get em soon
Cheers from india

Iker Casillas says:

Your vlogs are awesome. India

Loknarh Pokheral says:

Nice video man……listen man make the video in price of the spinners that you can get in that biggest supermarket…please….and make video of that super market also

S.Sanjay Music Production says:

Enjoy your slaf ah bro ☺

the KANDEEGURL says:

Super kool! Awesome room. Money well spent.

Erin Stevenson says:

Awesome video are u still there or home now I watch them til the end would love to win any figit spinner from the USA

CottonCandy Whisperer says:

That place is more like a apartment. Love it. Watched the whole entire video.

Smasher Ghori says:


Tuhin Chatterjee says:

Dubai is a beautiful city. You are realy awesome. I can see your selfie stick in your sunglasses

V J says:

I had no idea you were Asian because of glasses

hamada Designer says:

Oh my gud

Vatsal Singhania says:

Ohhhhhh… Is it real!!! It’s Soo cooooollll… And HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY!!!!

hamada Designer says:

Wow it’s too big I wish you always be happy

Dead Pool says:

When I’m I going to get picked USA

Habiba Gul says:


Zuma One says:

Great tour! Wow. Thanks….USA

arnav rishiraj says:

U are super luckey. ….

Detta Priyandikawardhana says:

the room look so small and minimalis

Canadian Drone Network says:

Yes sir that’s nice . At that price pay’s my rent for 2 months lol .Nice video take care .

Shashidhar Thodupunuri says:

I wish I could be there with you

Eissa Rocky says:

Beautiful hotel cool

sarabjas oberoi says:

love your videos bro, please send me any spinner, but i have to tell u that i love to see your videos, they are the best, i never imagined someone having so many spinners, thank you so much for giving me the knoladge about some spinners before i could even buy them. thank u so much. i hope your channel keeps growing and best of luck for future, again i would like to say love u bro, please send me a spinner

Sujal Adhikari says:


Tahir Aslam says:


Kimberly Lynn says:

sick man

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