Legoland Hotel Review- Standard room

See the Pirate themed and Egyptian themed standard rooms, lobby, treasure hunt, and restaurant at the Legoland Hotel California. Staying at the Legoland Hotel was the highlight of our Disneyland / Legoland trip for our boys. Even more than Legoland itself. We didn’t look at the Castle themed rooms.


Gerald Chapura says:

I’m scared of the magic moter

butter bunny253 says:

thanks the only reason i like legoland is the rooms

Slippy Jo says:

This looks so amazing!!!!

lianne jemimah sunga says:


Antony Catling says:

I’m Soooo Lucky!! : D

Zachary Calina says:

don’t chek

Travion Bingham says:

Way can’t be driner free to

Aini Tariq says:

It was a wonderful experience. We stayed in Egyptian theme room.

Jakob Skyline park says:

beim nach viro deutschen sparen

Grizzly HYPE says:

I am going there on my birthday.Do you know what is in the treasure chest because I really want to know

Unknown Gaming says:

how mash will it cost?

Space616monkey YT says:

I’m going thursday

Tariq Hussain says:

wow nice

Mr. Space! says:

at 1:24 am i the only that laughed??!??

Its DaRobloxKid says:

Wheres The Kingdom Room,Caude Im Staying There.Nice Vid!

Abdul Hafiz says:

Im going to go there on this August

Bell Iron Fist says:

I’m going soon!!

Gerald Chapura says:

Free breakfast and you have to pay for dinner what the

Jessica Guerrero says:

I coming soon

Morwenna Antcliff says:

I’ve been planning this trip to lego land on February, and we are going in June!!! Its just too exiting not to think about it

Jordan Loves Sans says:

Free breakfast I want to go there so badly00hh

Flame Rose says:

The bares how much is cost for 1 week staying ? Me and my family want to go there for celebrating my birthday

Antony Catling says:

Guess What I’m Going To LegoLand In The Summer Woooh I’m So Exsited Yay My Mum Tolled My Just A Minute Ago !!

MrMagic says:


the walls

Hiren Joshi says:

Are you in London??????????

Stowed Stuff Daily Vlogs says:

We had such a blast at Legoland!!!!!! Best hotel EVER! Can’t wait to go back!

Abdul Hafiz says:

Go to legoland this friday

Steven Cassidy says:

2:00 that was my exact room when I stayed

legoBuilder1999 says:

I stayed at the pirate themed hotel Room it was Great

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