Insane UNDERWATER Hotel Suite – Atlantis the Palm in Dubai, Very unofficial Travel Guides

Yes, this is really a suite with an entire floor underwater! You’ll have to travel to Atlantis in Dubai, but if it’s in your budget: go for it! Poseidon Suite

Aquaventure at Atlantis:
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Burj Khalifa:
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Tasfiq Raihan says:

He looks like Dwight Schrute

Jakob Frisvoldsen says:

Why does he talk like a sociopath

makar brothers says:

how much did you get It  for

karismatichick says:


PaiNExoTiC says:

OMG this guy is annoying af. Just show the room for god’s sake!!

arturo balvino says:

How much is it a night?

Connyr Cheung says:

Do you like Atlantis,Dubai or Atlantis,Bahamas? I have only been to Bahamas

THFC7788 says:

What is the name of the song??

Michael says:


Randy Godwin says:

So so COOL

Aquatic Mermaid says:

This is perfect for me.

Neverland Family says:

Amazing!! I saw this SWEET suite on Housewives. I believe they said it was somewhere around $40,000 a night! That’s awesome that you got to check it out!

Nicole Dore says:

HO LEEEEE CRAP. That is beyond!! It must be breath taking in person! Wow

Julie Wilson says:

Great video !!! How the other half live eh!? Sigh !!!!

Jeff Offner says:

Do they offer tours? Are they free to tour the suite?

Luke Sohnly says:


Aero man says:

Weird that there is only one bed in in entire suite…with that pillow corner it makes me think it is like smoke. Does it? I would hate that..great video! I wonder if you rode that coaster in t beginning

Helen Culpepper says:

This guy missed the boat for being a James Bond villain

Mayte Sevilla says:

Stunning! !!

unowen7591 says:

Which hotel suite is this? It’s not the Deluxe Room, is it?

Miner Shayan says:

U have the best tour on youtube for this suite

Maliha Rahman says:

how much does it cost to stay in the underwater hotel?

Pat Nopp says:

pls review Poseidon underwater resort I really want to see ty

JadaNmomFUN AG says:

Me and my brother saw this video last year and we thought this was crazy!!! GOALS!!!

Rene Schmitt says:

hahaha same reaction, i will react if i will stay in this room too

Maddy Tube says:

Love the videos of this vacation.

Bruce Johnson says:

I wonder how many annual salaries it would take to stay there for one weekend. Looks like it would be a very peaceful place to rest.

Marie Gilbert says:

On the TV show the real housewives of Beverly Hills, about two weeks ago, they had two episodes where they stayed in this very same hotel and in the suite and another amazing suite. You might take a look. It was fascinating. I think it was $40,000 a night. 

Aimer Cab says:

So, I heard of this hotel from another travel vlogger and decided to check out a video on it. I was glad to find you had made a vlog of it.
I was surprised to find that the suite turned to be Not as amazing as I thought it would be…
I mean, for the price…only one bedroom, and only two rooms have what turns out to be nothing more than an extra large fish tank. It’s cool and all, but not that cool…for the price, I mean.

Beatinghearts says:


supersuperwendy says:


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