Dubai Atlantis: A tour of the luxury hotel suite that will cost you £23,000 per night

Kim Kardashian, Michael Jordan and Shah Rukh Khan have all called this 924sq m hotel suite home – but at £23,000 ($40,000) per night, its clientele tends to be only the richest celebrities, oligarchs and visiting sheikhs.

Perched either side of the arch of Dubai’s Atlantis Hotel, it is set around a bridge that gives guests views over the emirate’s giant man-made Palm island and to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, in the distance.

Inside, the three-bedroom Royal Bridge Suite has its own billiards room, bar and dining area, with jacuzzis in every bathroom and 22 carat gold shower gel, a private chef and butler. It costs £23,000 (Dh129,000) per night but that does not include 20% – £4,600 – city tax.

“The guests don’t have to talk to anyone – the butler will sort everything out, whether it is a private entrance, a helicopter ride, anything,” Shareena Ali, director of public relations for Atlantis in Dubai, said.

She would not be drawn on the behaviour of any of Atlantis’ celebrity guests but said they would often book the suite with groups of friends.

Ali said: “Celebrities are actually quite well behaved but we have had some parties… We never say no to any of our guests.”

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chaghjan says:

You did nothing in one night so its a madness and shameful thing

Amy Webs says:

I’m going to this place and it is not £23,000 a night

Saikhu Ah says:

QataR—UEA_ARABIC —QATAR MEgastructR isLand Big super Big buiLding worL cup

Sean Dorsey says:

huh????? arabian gulf?????? its PERSIAN GULF you dumb bimbo. i wonder who she screwed in order to get her job.

Abdullah says:

I found it in at 8700 pound

Hawda Ibrahim says:

Lier i am going there with 2adults 3 children and it was £5000

Amine Nahda says:

اجور موظفين اطلنتس دون مستوى ظعيف بزاف عمل بدون مستقبل عاش المغرب

Luke Sohnly says:

What a beautiful hotel!

congo jander says:

i can get a calm sleep in my bed no need to spend money in such a sick thing

Tanvir Alif says:

Some people from my family can’t even afford to buy locan plane tickets worth 2800 taka (£24) and think they are middle class. We are so poor.

takeahint123 says:

That accent she’s tried so *desperately* to get rid off is pure cockney..

It slips through every 3rd or 4th word or so..

East End girl gone public relations executive.

fair play.

Keepinitreel says:


naser hoseyni says:

that is persian gulf not arabian gulf lady :))

Hawda Ibrahim says:

For 5 nights

Jacob Bio says:

You can go anywhere in Dubai and get a good view.

bambang303378 says:

Atlantis is a good deal actually. I did get their family room. It was $1100/night. But it was big for five of us. The bathroom is huge. Not to mention free usage of the water park as well.

xGARIDx says:

I would buy new car for £23,000

Thomas Dorsey says:

I’ll go there my dad said so Im gussing your poor

itaf sd says:

tbh if i was rich i wont go to this things because when i remember that im paying money for one night and i wont take anything with me i think its not worth it .
yeah xD thats why im not rich XD

Dan says:

stayed here back in 16 with my girlfriend, I highly recommend this hotel! it’s a top notch service and the staff is very friendly too. The view is just as promising as the video shows!

To be Free is to be OUTCAST says:

….and millions still live in poverty! what a fucked up world…

K Gaming says:


munichpeter says:

Yes , but all the celebs does not pay any dollar, or Euro.

Silent Gamer says:

I’d fuck the shit outta her tbh

SHEEPY 14842 says:

nice 🙂

Simpson Moss says:

It’s like something out of 1976, that balcony view of a construction site 🙂

iran advisor says:

Did you mean Persian gulf? where is the Arabian gulf :)))) ?

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