Burj Al Arab Panoramic Suite !!!!!

Thanks for Watching ! in 4K !!!!!
Location: Dubai
Hotel: Burj Al Arab
Room: Panoramic suite
enjoyment level 10/10

On a recent trip to Dubai – one of many – we decided to stay at the “World’s best Hotel” so we took the opportunity and began our adventure. On arrival we were given a complimentary upgrade from a deluxe room to the room reviewed above a “Panoramic suite” usually costing $3000 a night ! The hotel staff were exceptional as expected and the room just indescribable. The weather when the video was recorded was above 50C ! so we spent much of the time indoors……….. which we would of done anyway. I really appreciate all your comments and a like goes a long way. Enjoy your day and SMILEEEE.

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Your Choiice says:

Must be hot pointless

Michael Lidster says:

Wow. So tacky. And terrible layout

Emad Saeed says:

nice video can you please tell me how many kinds of suites are there in burj al arab

Andrew Hitchcock says:

I would be laying some nice pipe in here

JessAyu says:

I would love to someday build a house inspired by these design, it’s beautiful and classic

Katerina Patiniotis says:

Terrible and tacky interiors!!!
Creepy place. Tasteless.

TheDubaiDon UAEMG says:


Taye Awoniran says:

Omg, that was so beautiful! Best video ever!

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? says:

Its only $2,000 USD a night to stay there. Im suprised I thought it would be around 8-10 grand a night. Looks so royal.

Mark Potvin says:

gawdy as hell

violet640 says:

What is that other uncovered toilet bowl for ?

Malachy Mulhall says:

A boring hotel.

GEKKO 4K says:

Verry nice 🙂

I love noodles says:

NICE! Thanks for the tour! Live for Jesus and be safe, and blessed.

Deen Kwaan says:

Beautiful! I love it! 🙂

Longyearbye says:

for what all this ?

tubehkl reponen says:

is that i mac for web searching?

Handsome Angel life & fun says:

how much it cost?

name secondname says:

How much for a one weak?and is this apple pc for what?

TheFashionGeek says:

I stayed in the same suite

Katiso P says:

Complete with a VCR, it’s like Aladdin came out of it and exploded his guts all over this place. My humble little shack in Africa is waaay more sumptuous.

t3b0g0 says:

this is number 1 bullshit styling

llwyd anwyl says:

pisses me off that someone who doesn’t know the basic difference between “should of” and “should have” lives a life of such excess – but that’s the world we live in.. thick and lucky

roger ayoub says:

it’s great… thanks

_BuildCrazy54_ says:

fuck rich man

Batel M Al Batel says:

wow that’s massive

J Magadoc says:

Is it me or having just half bathroom in the downstairs bathroom??? after ALL the amazing luxury !

angel uriel Flores says:

Hola pondrías ablar español

Jonah Rubin says:

so oddly laid out: what a terrible use of space.

Didi Museri says:


Oliver Ballam says:

WHERE THE 50k SQUAD AT ! Here’s too 100k !!!!! Thankyou to everyone who supports my channel !

Cale Dennison says:

I would like going over there later on in the future, once I save alot to travel. I seen the place from an album cover from Owl City

ALLAH Servant says:

GOD OWNS all weather rather ask God for wealth which is earned the right way!

HarrLable says:

The interior design is atrocious. This looks like a dated room that belongs at Disneyland

Jelle Smit says:

Wow, a great room, but it’s styling looks soooo damn ugly

MrChiangching says:

Ceilings too low, pass.

KOVA says:

2:56 hungary

Michael Lidster says:

Doesn’t seem particularly refined

Handsome Angel life & fun says:

Muy elegante y muy bonito el hotel. subscribe to my channel.

JaFire77 W777 says:

Can you lower window shades are they electric?

Maani Sobhani says:

Its the Persian Gulf.

Kriss Curtis says:

It’s just horrible! No class at all! Love from Paris ♥

-LORD- says:

Hey bro, what do you do for a living? Thanks for sharing.

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