Armani Hotel Dubai (inside Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest tower): full tour

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Bill Carpenter says:

Wonder if there are much people in the hotel… Is that luxury???
Normally it would be better to have a much more live atmosphere of people blending and socializing…
Seems you could go to a an empty, nicely furnished room in your house to enjoy better serenity and tranquility than spending thousands of dollars for the same

yooser naime says:

Great walk-through. I hate to travel, so it’s nice that you saved me the trip. btw: is the air quality as bad as it looks from the observation deck? Is that just weather?

Алексей Ксензов says:

Итальянцы вообще молодцы!!!И хуй они клали что ты сказал….не сказал…. вообще до пизды на тебя и твою идеологию….

Syam Vs says:

I am working 2 years in armani



Sam Sg says:

Hey Armani,
Forget about ID just stick on to what you are good in …. fashion!

patoch holo says:

Super luxe !!!

Nikki Burris says:

⛔ Must Read ⛔
2014 the Heir Greatgrandson of Billionaires J.P Morgan Jr & Johnny Bryan Hunt visited Dubai.
Confirmed reports he is also the Heir & Beneficiary to the Dupont , Andrew Ford, family fortunes.
In 2014 reported as one of the Wealthiest Heirs in America

Elyas Ahmadi says:

I’m going there tommorow

rohit prajapti says:

I can say that it is heaven . when I have visited Armani hotel in Dubai I so much exited

David Ortiz says:

Thanks for including all the details!

Avery Liu says:

I always watching your video when I’m eating, it’s adding my appetite

2Bit Rasputin says:

Cozy! What had this to do with Arabic Culture? It doesn’t reflect it’s location at all. Does it? It’s not a place Armani himself would enjoy vacationing, me thinks. He better not try to do something like this in Marrakech.

Jake PK Rio says:

Catching you in the mirror holding the cam with two hands literally tai-chi-ing your way slowly around the place was hilarious LOL! But at the same time impressive for the manual effort put in for the satisfyingly slow and steady filming. For someone who can afford luxury travel, do yourself a huge favor and get a gimbal for more relaxed shooting without sacrificing quality.. 🙂

Alpha Fort says:

Good videography..but way too long. Too many repetitions.

Mitchell C. says:

Yes I remember those rooms when Tom Cruise was hanging out window with hand suction cups on.

Gyongyi Vitez says:

I never liked this type of cold, modern and huge hotels at all. I like Armani’s cloth and perfume, but I wouldn’t go to this hotel. If I ever go to Dubai I would look for a hotel which remind me to their culture.

Frank Muehle says:

So wrong. This place could be anywhere and not mean a thing. Way below your usual standard. Explain.

GRB201110119 says:

Go to 26:56 to see the only part of this horrible video that isn’t boring. The observation deck.

Kyant T says:

Been to Dubai a few times and always wanting to try the Armani Hotel but after this video, I would stick to The Palace or Nikki Beach hotel which I stayed there in Sept 2018. The walls look so empty and souless. Need some nice minimal artworks to bring life to the hotel.

Sandra UK says:

Thank you for this, it’s much appreciated.

Dmitry Paukov says:

Good video!!!!!

krabitamofo says:

Amazing…beautiful, i see a lot of haters in the comments

Алексей Ксензов says:

Ты по культуре даже Древнюю Грецию не превзошел!!!!!!(или РИМ)!!!

sampath chennamaneni says:

Looks like a hotel advertisement.

Алексей Ксензов says:

Тот кто Песочного Цвета мне эстафету (условно конечно)передал!!!!

justagirlsd 007 says:

Meh, built on the backs of slaves!

AlphaWolf says:

Looks like an over elaborate over priced ghost town . No thanks .

Алексей Ксензов says:

Какое же ты ленин ГОВНО!!!!!Посмотри как живут белые люди!!!!Ты красная свинья!!!!Посмотри !!!!Когда владыка не говно!!!!!

Tariq Mehmood says:

So beautiful

Mark Mazur says:

The color profile used in this video is wrong, the hotel doesn’t look like that. Unfortunately, the author failed completely in his efforts to show its beauty.
Nothing dull or boring there and the hotel blends perfectly with the building.

ceciLOVEtaco says:

You can find all the best things in the middle east . Everything is up to the highest standard .

Playstation 4 player / Killerpate47 says:

Almani Hotel Dubai

imran shaikh says:


Tracey Grant-McRobie says:

Beautiful hotel. When i book my stay, presumably i not only will have to check into reception myself and find my room card then work out how to get to my room whilst carrying my own luggage. Just as well i won’t want a drink at the bar or buy from the lobby Armani shop either as its evident there us no staff visable or available!!

LarkinTV says:

Hi. Nice video )) what gear do u use ?

Kiwi NZL says:

Biggest is not always better re staying in a hotel anywhere around the world

Yc C says:


Yuni Helmi says:

This is rich people place ? Look expensive but boring

Maria Ramos says:

Hotel maravilhoso nota 10

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