$30,000 a night Hotel Room !!!

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Nos Vives says:

Mo the fake laughter and over exuberance is beginning to wear a bit thin. Just be real instead of this constant pretence.

k k says:

adnan act lik villians…the way he dance chi chi chiiii altime mouth open

Ryan McGrath says:

This guy just said the shower is a bathroom, how do you get your money if your that stupid

Ultra Skitz says:

HE SAID 30,000 DOLLAR ROOM !?!??! but its only 8,000 dollars

Mala Nallode says:

Good. Adnan fun to watch.

nikhil vyas says:

Mo you are the best youtuber

lota dieng says:

Juste la traduction en francais


This boy is high on something

michelle Ostraes says:

..i love ur vlogs Mo ..
..i always watching

Franchesca Castaneda says:

You are the best youtuber to a giveway 2017 august 30 ps4 pro and a gta 5 need for speed no limits calle of duty black ops 1 and i will win i live un corozal pariso village i will win mo and you have to gave me please

k k says:

why did lana change hair colour into pink she look yuck thuuu…she should change hair style.alwayssame style..hairs all infront lik witches…

abdulrhman amiri says:

Tnx man

بنك رسملة الاسلامي الاوروبي للاستثمار says:

يمكنكم البداية المتواضعة بمشروع تجاري استثماري ناجح , يتضمن ادارة صناديق وسندات طويلة الامد ونتائجها ثابته ومضمونة والتاتج دخل اسبوعي ثابت , اسهم اماراتية وامريكية , نوفر ارقى المحافظ المدارة , اضخم بنك اسلامي استثماري عبر القارات بالشرق الاوسط واوروبا وامريكا وارقى خدمات المحافظ والاصول المدارة وهي نقلة نوعية بكل ما تحمل الكلمة من معنى , تراخيص محلية وعالمية على حد سواء ,
للتواصل على الواتس اب : 00971502347933

Andy #Hakz says:

Damn who fucking said Money cant buy the happiness

faiz aniq says:

If that was my room i probably wont sleep the whole 8 hours cuz 1 hour of sleep = 1500$ wasted

daves996 says:

In Muslim culture, shorts and exposed shoulders are considered offensive. Guess you didnt see the sign at the mall. Dumbass.

k k says:

adnan is the most ugly ,,nich kutta kamina looking guy

Pooja Ka Singhasan says:

yo that sweet is so big

Omar Thegammer55 says:

hey mo i am a vip there and i can get you the room for 10,000 just ask about teja and tell him i know omar

Sumas Thomas says:

It’s better to live for one day as a lion than for 1000 years as a sheep….

Anoop Nair says:

poor room ,

k k says:

tell the fishes to wax ur legs dirty hairy bear

Jaspreet Singh says:

It was good but I want u to show us the room which is so technically advanced and luxurious mainly for the age of 20

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