two negative things i didn’t like about Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort

review Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort


John Haayer says:

We stayed at the Hideaway Feb28. This is a good place to stay away from. Save your money..

zaynas60 says:

Is this the same as the Hideaway at Royalton Riviera Cancun? That is supposed to be adults only. And you say you have kids so I am wondering if that is different

ShesLovinlife Naturally says:

Thx for sharing. I went in July and a wonderful time. I stayed in hideaway. excellent customer service. there was a srinch from nature I noticed. other thAn that I loved it and would definitely go again

tecknicole says:

There was an abundance of sargassum seaweed last year which causes the horrible smell. The problem has subsided. From what I understand, the construction has subsided as well.

OnceUponASlimeBy SG says:

I went when I was 8 and I’m 10 and I loved it sooooo much but it’s near swamps and it smells sometimes

Precious Nuptials + Destinations says:

There are a few points to consider. A good travel agent will notify you of scheduled renovations. Additionally, resorts that are undergoing updates/renovations will display attractive rates to promote occupancy. I totally agree with you: spend the money and upgrade! This is at any resort. If you’re going to travel or take a vacation, it just may be a good investment to spend a little bit more to have greater than entry level accommodations and experiences. Thank you for sharing! I love this resort, by the way.

Alicia Martinez says:

Room #? we are considering booking this hotel soon. We are getting the Diamond Club

J Chase says:

thank you for posting this negative video, I’ll definitely stay away from this hotel. it helped me alot. I wish more people posted videos like yours

D Kal says:

Is there only one Diamond Club section for both Riveria section and the Hideaway Section? Also do you know if any of the DC rooms face the swamp?

Content Deleted says:

If you get the diemond club package, you have a room near the pools , not near the swamp

BabyEater9000 says:

Very important video to watch! I’m planning to go to Royalty Riviera Cancun and I now know to steer clear of Mangrove-side rooms. Thanks for this.

OnceUponASlimeBy SG says:

There they have Bands and u need I think pink to drink

Lemon& Lime says:

I loved it The roalton is the best hotel I have been to I am going to another one in Jamaica

acostacanada says:

Hopefully you like the rainbow at least!!!!

Giuseppe Murolo says:

What type of room did you have at the resort?

I am going there in April and I have the Luxury Suite room with Oceanview

Inna La says:

how is the night shows in the royalton Riviera cancun? are they different every night and family oriented?

thad tabs says:

thanks for the info..we are considering this hotel for our next vacation…your video helped us NOT to consider this hotel…again thank you

SweetEmotion1965 says:

How much more is the Diamond Club per night?

DIY Source says:

to prove my point i went there again ,

Yaroslav Sivhcuk says:


MONTY says:

Nothing worse than a bad Stench and construction happening while paying way over the top prices. I was going to book this hotel for my wife and her friend for 14 nights but I’m put off now I’ve seen this video.

Andy Howard says:

I advise you do your research before hand, the smell is natural, that’s like saying you want a farm-house in the country and complaining it smells like manure!?! There is nothing the hotel can do about it so either put up, shut up or pay the upgrade to sea view.

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