Trip Advisor’s #1 Hotel in Cancun – The Grand at Moon Palace Part 2 REVIEW

The Grand at Moon Palace is so Grand that I had to come back again. Even after 9 days, there’s still more that I need to experience. I guess that’s what next year is for. 😎 Click Here for Part#1


Motormouth says:

Looks amazing, now I want to go and get fatter

Island Merchandise says:

Are you there now? I mean are crowds smaller before Xmas?

Fyz says:

going here for my third time in april, so excited!

Tarquin Bojangles says:

I spent 2 weeks there in October. Loved it. Amazing hotel. Make sure if you go in sept/oct/nov to participate in the turtle release programme. There a vid of it on my yt channel

Ethan Tdog4 says:

I’m going on January 2nd! Thanks for the videos, I showed them to my dad and it helped him make the final decision of going to the grand

Leslie Carroll says:

I’m going this week


Thank you so much for your amazing review of this hotel.  The quality and professionalism is remarkable.  Great work!  🙂  So, we are thinking of going to the grand in a few weeks and I just have a few questions, if you don’t mind.  When we tip, what currency should we use?  Also, I noticed that last year you went in January, and I did watch that video as well, but I was wondering what the weather was like for the most part?  Did you get any flash storms, or colder weather?  (When I check their weather for the week we’re going, it shows as cloudy and stormy)  Hopefully that will pass…  And mosquitos, were there many?  Lastly, I saw someone else ask this, but I will confirm your answer…. the tap water, is it safe to brush your teeth with, and shower?  What about the ice they use in the drinks, is that safe to consume?  (We were very close to booking a trip to the Royalton in Dominican Republic, but the mosquitos and water scared me away, along with all the reviews about people getting food poisoning and being sick all week)  Food poisoning is my worst fear!!  Anyway, thanks again for your hard work in making this video so informative.  🙂

Hamilton Rodgers says:

I’ve been there twice, not that good. There are much better resorts in the Mayan, the food quality at The Grand has gone downhill in the last two years. The resort credits are a joke, go elsewhere.

Dusty Wendland says:

I saw your first review and booked our family to go in February. We’re even more excited after your second review. Thank you for putting forth the effort to provide us with such fantastic information. We are truly grateful that you have done these videos for us.

A question concerning water purity on the resort: what was your experience regarding faucet water in the room for brushing teeth or a quick night time drink of water?

Jeff Coveney says:

Your Moon Palace Review is just awesome. Thanks for part 2. I made my own family one partly inspired from yours (Minus the octopus). Thanks for sharing. Here’s ours:

Karen Ross says:

Is there a driving range at the Golf Course?  If so, can you use it without doing a round of Golf as well?

Realtime Reviews says:

Is this a car chanel or a promo for his travel and flights lol

Duarte Ohana says:

We were just there. December 13-20 best trip yet. We loved the grand and the amazing ness we experienced

Oliman2016 says:

THIS IS AWESOME! Thanks for the part 2. Part 1 was awesome too! Thanks! Leaving in 2 days!

Vancouver Flyer says:

Great vid, keep up the good work! 🙂

Henry Fabian says:

I’ve seen a few videos on this Resort & had a co-worker go last year. The hotel looks awesome, but the beach is probably a deal breaker for me. When I think of Cancun, it’s me looking out at the clear blue waters drinking a beer. Great video!

Alivia Horak says:

Thanks I’m going this week

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