Secrets The Vine Cancun Review

What you need to know before you book this hotel – review of rooms, food, drinks, beach, pools, preferred club, gym, spa, honeymoon suite and more.

Wish we knew:
Rooms are warm and only cool to 68 to 74 degrees F at best depending on the room. (We like to sleep at 65 deg F or so. We’re hot-blooded I guessJ.)

Lots of pressure and up sells to purchase wine. (There was a time share/vacation club pitch at check-in but we made it clear right away we weren’t interested in getting discounts and coupons in exchange to sit in a high-pressure sales presentation so no problemo.)

Beach lounge chairs are cheap and uncomfortable

Daily spa pass with no treatment $59

Preferred Club in room mini bar was minimalist. Non-top shelf, mini airline liquor bottles seemed cheesy. (Pringles and M&M’s don’t seem very impressive for what we paid.)

There is only one way to the beach and pool, through the lobby meaning no quick trips to the room or 21st floor Preferred Club without drying off and getting dressed.

WARNING: the sun this time of year is downright dangerous at these latitudes to those of us with light skin. You will get a tan/sunburn in the shade from reflected sunlight, trust us, we did. We watched sunburns ruin many a vacation during the week. Some folks had extreme burns that probably required medical attention.

Bring and reapply water resistant sun block, lots of it.
Take a wide brimmed hat.
Bring a cheap pair of sunglasses to wear in the ocean. Several people lost expensive sunglasses (Revo, Maui Jim and Armani) I was one of them — some were found some weren’t.
Only drink bottled water, do not drink the water out of the sink. High mineral content. Okay for brushing teeth.
Wash your hands or use hand sanitizing gel after filling your plate at the buffet.
Pack earplugs incase you have noisy neighbors or the the hotel is noisy.


mark p says:

Hi there – ive put secrets the vine in cancun as my number 1 choice for my next visit to cancun from manchester UK , Ive been to cancun 3 times before but in other resorts BUT my wifes only reservation about it is the balcony/terrace areas of your room dont look private – no privacy and you can see all your neighbours along either side if they also are on the terrace areas ?

Jane Doe says:

Hi alejandro, we are staying at the Vines now and we love it!! We have Miguel as our butler on the 24th floor:)

Vida de Laptop says:

Great job on the review!I loved it.I just moved to Cancun and want to start making reviews ,learned alot from you-thank you..

Jane Doe says:

We are staying at The Secrets Vine this Wednesday!! Thank you for your response and great video

Cristóbal García says:

Great Video! It was really helpful!

briannwo1900 says:

So when does the REVIEW take place ?

Alejandro Euan says:

Hi I work in the secrets the vine, and the butler service applies in the tower prefeerd. definitely a great hotel in cancun.

Mimi Walls says:

Thank you for such an excellent & well thought out video.  My husband an I are planning a trip to Cancun in May & are researching all inclusive, adult only resorts.  So far Secrets The Vine & Hyatt Zilara seem to be on the top of our list.  Still haven’t made reservations yet.

Doug Winston says:

When you upgrade to the “preferred club” you get the butler service. Enjoy your trip wherever you stay!!!! Cancun is hard to beat.

VildStyle says:

Bout to go there in a couple days.

Forecast show thunderstorms the entire stay.


Melisa Whiskey says:

great video !

Roar Antonsen says:

Nice video. Looking forward to stay at Secrets The Vine in June 2015. Thank you.

Jane Doe says:

Great informative video!! What kind of room did you stay in to get the butler service?

Eimear walsh says:

Hi! I’m hoping to book our honeymoon this week to the vines, but I’m going towards the end of October. You seem like you know the place, is this much of a hurricane risk? It’s making me nervous……..!

nanette walton says:

Thinking of staying at the Vine in early April. It seems like the pool and the beach are very crowded and the guests are really packed in which we don’t like. Have you ever stayed at the Capri? The Capri I think would be more to our liking but not sure

Doug Winston says:

You are correct there is no privacy on the balcony – enjoy your trip wherever you stay. You might take a look at the Royal just down the way…very nice, at least last time we stayed there. You can also check out the review we did of the RUI (its on our channel under reviews). Nice hotel but the beach is not as wonderful as it is at this hotel.

Stewie4506 says:

Nice video! Is there a nightclub in the hotel? Or do people venture to town for dancing?

speaktodenise says:

what’s the cost to upgrade to preferred club? Is the spa facility available for guests to use all day long, and is there any cost to use it.

Up Your Travel says:

Great video.. Hotel areas look small, how was the occupancy rate while you were there?
Looks like a nice place regardless

AndiLMT says:

So if you are in an odd number room, you will not see the sunset from your room, but will be in the shade all day? I am very, very pale skinned and want to be able to enjoy being outside on the balcony without burning. Do you know if this odd number thing also applies to the preferred junior ocean view rooms? I’m so excited about this vacation, but I don’t do well in tropical climates so I want to have it figured out before I go. Thanks!

markissable says:

You two make EXCELLENT videos. I thank you, it looks like you’ve convinced me once again to try one of your choices. Last year i went to the Riu Palace Peninsula thanks to you two, 🙂 . Well appreciated and i had a great time. Secrets is next…

Erik Estlander says:

It aint no Italy. The views and balcony are the best. As are the curvy North American women at the hotel alongside attentive staff with great parasols+drinks at the pools. Food is dreadful, weather is too warm (+30 celsius), air condition in the room will fuck your tonsils–>got sinusitis, and all ugly Mexican cab drivers will try to rip you off.

Leticia Martinez Normandía says:

Yo tuve el gusto de visitar este hotel para festejar fin de año 2013, pero tengo que decirles los siguientes a los chilangos o bien mexicanos es un hotel muy elitista hacen muy notoria la discriminación y trato, a los gringos los tratan de maravilla, y si no compras vinos para la acompañas las cenas o comidas el trato de los meseros es otra, en lo personal me gusto la comida, pero el trato fue pésimo y mas en el restaurante dragons, no lo recomiendo la verdad, considero que hay mucho turismo de la republica y estamos pagando igual que los extranjeros pero en fin.

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