Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun – Riviera Maya, Mexico – Room Review

During our honeymoon we did a review of our swim out room at Secrets Silversands in Riviera Maya Mexico. We show the room, some of the resort nightlife and even a quick trek to Coba where we climb the temple.

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We went to Secrets Capri Check that our here:



jonnyku1111 says:

If you have not already watched my daytime tour, be sure to check that out.

Antony Walton says:

Great video, thinking of going to Mexico for the first time in September, is that a standard room or did you upgrade to a suite?

Marie Lou 3M says:

Nice video

jonnyku1111 says:

Thanks for the comment… looking back, I don’t recall the bugs being that bad at all. We definitely brought some off but I think the only time we used it was at night. As to the beach… we really didn’t spend that much time there because its just not that great. If you watch my daytime tour video, you will get an idea of what I mean. We didn’t make go in the ocean at all… Thanks for watching!

lseagraves says:

You and your wife are awesome at this. When I saw it was 21 minutes long, I almost didn’t watch it. SO glad I did. It was entertaining to say the least. Loved the interaction between both of you, the interjection of adventures, and of course the hidden secrets of the room. Very helpful and well put together. Kudos to you both and congrats on the wedding.

Rosemary Aquino says:

You guys are awesome! My husband and I were originally going to book our 1st year anniversary stay at Excellence PM but after watching your video we have decided to book with Secrets Silversands. I am so excited we will be staying there Aug 2013 and I can’t wait. I was a little nervous about the iguanas but it sounds like the place isn’t infested with them..right? We were considering being preferred for the private lounge what are your thoughts? Thanks again for the informative video!

briannwo1900 says:

Love your wife. Great catch. Very charming and down to earth lady. Did you ever do the Secrets Capri/Silversands comparison video ? We are trying to decide between the two but cant. Haha.

jonnyku1111 says:

Thanks for the comment… The primary reason we chose this resort was because we like the modern contemporary design… well really we were torn between capri and silversands… We struggled to choose between the two as both have great qualities so be completely honest the final decision came down to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors…

Catia Violante says:

Did you guys opt for the extra honey moon option or is this all inclusive ? I’m thinking to go for my honeymoon also

Mark W says:

Haha we watched your video before we came. We arrived, and we said… “I’m sure that’s the American Couples room!” We’re here now, and it is!!! Loved the video the first time, and thanks to you, we figured out the lights right away!!!

Chiefco says:

Love your videos. My husband and I are going to Secrets Resort Akumal this coming Sunday . Enjoy 🙂

debbie bayfield says:

thanks so much for this guys, we are from uk and going in 6 weeks for just a week to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary…we cant wait as we are away without our kids for first time on our own ever!!! thanks again- great film, this resort looks amazing!!

jonnyku1111 says:

Yea, I wish we would have been compensated… but allas we made the video because of all of the videos we found were not very helpful when we were struggling to find our honeymoon spot. I have another video that I am putting together on the nightlife, I just need some free time. That said, anyone from Secrets who is reading this… we would love to review another of your resorts for our one-year anniversary (July 7th) wink wink!

WarriorCycle's says:

i live in mexico everyday. rite here in fl con mi senoirita mi esposa .

jonnyku1111 says:

We have already started thinking about our next visit… Enjoy it!

xdissonance says:

Thanks for posting this great video; you helped us narrow down our return trip to Cancun to the Silversands (it was either this or the Secrets Capri). Cheers!

Timeko Whitaker says:

Thanks for the video! My hubby and I are planning our 20th Anniversary and have never been to Cancun.  Your video was a huge help. Booking today!

jonnyku1111 says:

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately for us we are definitely not giving a paid endorsement for secrets… we just really enjoyed our visit. We loved our room, keep in mind we were on our honeymoon so we enjoyed the peace and quiet. Our pool was not heavily used so we didn’t see anyone looking in.

28carmenc says:

Nice video

Nicknack A says:

Thank you very much! You two are awesome! We are looking for a great resort for November and this fits the bill. Great video and info. My wife and I of 26 years have never been to Mexico…and this helps! By the way…we are a very young 45 and we kept saying you two are our kind of people lol. Thanks for the awesome review!

Nathaniel Jones says:

hello my wife and I will be going in April. so happy we seen this video. We were a little nervous. is it really all inclusive? some places say they are then charge for items. thanks

MrStinky24 says:

Just trying to plan my next vacation and came across this vid and Don’t want to be a downer but are you guys being paid? Been to secrets in Jamaica..loved it but they try and talk you in to those pool side rooms(because no one wants them) which are not that great unless you like everyone in your business and don’t like a good view.

gypsygold1313 says:

Do you think the preferred rooms are worth the extra cost?

Antony Walton says:

Great video, thinking of going to Mexico for the first time in September, is that a standard room or did you upgrade to a suite?

jonnyku1111 says:

Thanks for the comment… I actually shared it with my wife. She is great and is always wiling to play along, but positive feedback like yours helps me keep her motivated to help me with my other projects. IE we just got back from Hawaii and shot a similar video of our room and resort. Thanks for watching, we appreciate it.

Oregonblt Tuley says:

Iguanas were not an issue at all. They’re more scared of you and we only saw them on the beach.. Swim up rooms are more expensive but well worth it. very close to everything in the resort. You have you’re own private balcony, day bed small table chairs, they bring clean towels to your porch every day. The scenery right outside your room in the infinity pool is so beautiful.

tony5208b says:

Please answer so many conflicting videos about rooms and suites. Leaving in 2 weeks for this resort on honeymoon is this room preferred club or just junior suite swim out thanks

Oregonblt Tuley says:

These people were so not being paid. I stayed in a swim up room in Aug 2012 and was blown away! Very private, no one hung around the room and everything about this place was amazing. I won their singing competition when I was there and received a free 3 nite stay within 1 year. Heading back with my hubby in June. I can’t wait!!!

Michele Egan says:

We also went here on our honeymoon last year June-July 2012! It was awesome I loved watching your video -brought me right back! We had the swim out ocean view like you guys said garden view, ocean view doesn’t really matter as long as your have the swim out pool that’s THE BEST!!! I love that they put out beach towels everyday on our lounge chairs- it was really cool! We’ve been to 2 all inclusive resorts this place was just amazing -over the top first class all the way! 🙂

Bill Ramirez says:

after reading review’s on this and other resort’s i kept coming back to silversand’s and this video and your other’s on this resort made my mind up on this resort for my next vacation.silversand’s need’s to give you a free stay for these video’s.thank’s for posting

Tony Bahena says:

Güeros patéticos

Ger Myers says:

Great video & thanks for posting.
1 question is there free internet in the rooms?

Sandra Hobold says:

i loved your honest and thorough impressions of the resort. what month of the year were you there?

Roar Antonsen says:

Cool Video.

jessica mia says:

I love it at 1:05 VICTORY 🙂

Matthew Piper says:

Very cool guys, thanx, we are heading out there this November from London and am super exited.. 

jonnyku1111 says:

Bill, thanks for watching… your kind feedback is very much appreciated! Glad we could help. When you check in be sure to tell them about our video, and who knows… maybe they would be so kind to return the favor. Regardless we loved it there and I am sure you will too. Have fun we are jealous!

Katherine Angle says:

Awesome video! My fiance and I were debating between Silversands and Playa Mujeres for our honeymoon. Your video is very helpful (and super cute). I think we have made our decision to go to Silversands. We are so excited! Thank you for the detailed tour!

Chris Grant says:

Hi: great reviews- I’m having a difficult time deciding which resort to go to – which did you like the most? Also, any feedback on the beaches? I’m looking for a relaxing vacation- any insight is appreciated….thanks

todd schuler says:

Hello Jonny. my wife and I ran across you Secrets Silversands video while planning our vacation. Thanks for all the great videos of the resort. We booked SSS in September for the 1st time at that all inclusive. this will be our 10th trip to Cancun at an all inclusive. The resort looks beautiful.  it seems like you guys had a great time. Does the resort have any dance clubs? We laughed so hard with the key in the slot issue!! thanks again for posting this video. you have a true talent for making videos.

Prospector Josh says:

well done you two, headed there next month. We have the same room as y’all!

DetRiggs says:

Excellent Video.. I would so go here for a vacation away from Kids, but the prices aren’t that swift at this time.. but hopefully soon I will stay here.. with the Sarvasas!

fallenangel8386 says:

Was this a preferred club room? Me and my fiance are considering this as our honeymoon spots, we love the secret resorts. Were iguanas a problem on the ground floor levels? i like the day bed 😛

Carlos Gomez says:

I will never stay in all inclusive hotel they are a little cheaper but no worth it.

Mitch Lawless says:

You two are awesome! My husband and I went to Silversands on our Honeymoon because of your video. One year later…see your video on Capri. LOVE your walkthroughs! You two are thorough, funny, and point out realistic things that people care about when selecting a resort…You rock!

Shelly Bason says:

CONGRATS- thanks for the video, excellent review! 

jonnyku1111 says:

We did not do a preferred room… I did not see the advantage. I Guess its all about what you are looking for. Looking back, and we certainly have… I dont think we would have changed anything about our trip. Iguanas, were a non event… they were just cool to look at!

Ryan Hart says:

Thank you so much for such an excellent video about the room! My future wife and I are now heavily leaning toward going here for our honeymoon because of your video, but I had some questions. How were the mosquitoes outside your doors? Also, did you go swimming or snorkeling at the beach? How was that?

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