Riu Palace Peninsula Cancun Review

Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula All Inclusive 24hr Hotel Review Cancun – What you need to know before you go. Watch this video to see our room, the view, food and more.


Silvia Garcia says:

Does that hotel has a night club? or is it close to a night club? or a fun night time place?

Doug Winston says:

If you can get a good deal….it’s super nice, love the in room jacuzzi. Cancun is hard to beat. We usually book through Bookit Travelzoo or cheapcaribbean – we just got back from Cancun and stayed at Secrets the Vine….do not recommend this hotel. I posted a video review on our channel on the review playlist if you are interested. Wherever you take your new bride….enjoy your trip. Congrats!!!

Doug Winston says:

I think so…when you come back can you update us on that? It seems like I got the images on a disc. Great shots!!! Wish we would have taken a nice outfit specifically for photos.

sleepwalker2112 says:

This or the Riu Cancun? We’re 4 single guys, looking for a good place to party at night. I know it’s near the bars and everything, but we’d like some action at night at the hotel site too. Is this a good place for that? Thank you!

kwmack11 says:

For someone to give a review of a place, you would hope they know the correct name.  It is the Riu Palace Peninsula, NOT the Riu Palace on the Peninsula.

Mark Logan says:

Do you suggest this hotel for a honeymoon for a tight budget

Dream Catcher says:

I’m having withdrawals and I’m barely back today. I had an amazing time at Riu Hotel Peninsula. We were told that it was the best All-inclusive. The food is fantastic. I would say a 5 star stay. It doesn’t have a club, but at the end of the night you meet at the lobby and head to the bars and clubs. Congo Bongo is a must, but if that is too expensive LA Vacita is a great alternative. If you’re going for a Bday make sure to let them know because they decorated the room.

Harry leroy says:

If you want the long beach type thing you have to stay on Hotel Row.  This is more secluded and back toward Cancun City.

Lienyandthekids says:

What month did you go there?

Hung Duong says:

me and my wife with 5 years old kid just back from cancun,very enjoy and relax.but must stay in riu palace pennysula (5 star hotel) eat free at 12 restaurant and all free cocktails and wine.

Kendall Tawney says:

I just booked my trip here! I was just curious since you cant pick your room does every room come with a balcony and Jacuzzi? Also, i was told if you stay at this RIU you can go to all of the RIU resorts in cancun. did you go to any of these?

schuster corleone says:

Love it!

Doug Winston says:

Thanks for the advice and feedback on the beach!

John Tran says:

I just got back from Moon Palace, Cancun and I think Moon is better, it has more space, better food (14 restaurants), FREE internet not like limit to 90min at Riu, free daycare for children, teen age lounge w/all electronics games. Moon is near the airport so it doesn’t have the busy of a downtown and suffocate by all resort surrounding. You will not see the wave from the beach because it has a corral reef so it stop the wave coming from the ocean. That’s all I missed.

∂ß.✗ Omerta says:

in the process of booking this, one and only concern is the beach and location. Are you able to walk down the beach to check out neighboring hotels or do the rocks really get in the way? secondly, if you’ve been to any other riu palaces, how would you compare this one to the usual 3 story buildings they have? and lastly, how did you like the location of the resort as it is not in the main hotel zone

Doug Winston says:

Hi Kendall,
I think all rooms do come with a balcony, jacuzzi and ocean view based on the way the hotel is laid out. The only exception I can think of is that they were building 4-6 small buildings to the north of the hotel behind the beach bar that were 2 stories or so tall. We were so happy at the hotel we did not venture out to their other properties but I think you can. Have fun! Let us know how your trip was.

Doug Winston says:

All inclusives are great if you have kids! Cancun is hard to beat. Sorry no specific recommendations, it’s been a while since we’ve traveled with kids. Enjoy your trip wherever you stay.

Kelly Tran says:

Love the video and thanks for sharing. We are look forward to stay at this hotel in July.

Simon Fowler says:

Logic Pro String loop there at the end 😛 nice touch.

tirpitz19 says:

Beautiful hotel. I wish i could afford to go again.We had a wonderful time there.

marvin villatoro says:

Best hotel ive stayed in!

Brandi Earley says:

Thank you. 

mayra olivares says:

Love the hotel, first time in cancun and love the ocean view. The only thing that bothered us was that the hotel staff at the beginning of our stay did not mention that we had a free hour of snorkeling, sail boating etc, I wish they could’ve told us we found out 2 days before we left that we had that included in our stay at that hotel. the people are so nice, but get ready to tip them and make sure you have a lot of singles. The intertaintment was awesome Also for young people they always met at 11pm in the lobby to go out somewhere i guess a nightclub don’t know exactly because i had my kids with me but that sounded awesome. My kids love it they have babysitting too i only used it for 2 hours and the kids were having to much fun that they didn’t want to come back with us. 

Joe Abbs says:

i went to moon palace ressort last april in 2012, and i miss it very much trying to get my parents to go again XD

Doug Winston says:

Yep they take US dollars. They will also exchange for you but you can get a better exchange rate at a bank if you really need cash. We usually take lots of small bills and it works perfectly.

karena says:

Thank u so much for this video, I have a question about the all inclusive, is everything for free? The mini fridge in the rooms etc?

Doug Winston says:

Great to hear!!! Thanks for the update 🙂

Eastendbiilythekid says:

Nice video

Outstanding HOTEL & FOOD!

SHITTIEST PART OF THE BEACH  for such a great hotel 
they need to fix that rocky beach!

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