Paradisus Cancun Resort Review/Walkthrough

This is a tour of the resort that we went to on our honeymoon. It was a great trip to Cancun and we really enjoyed Paradisus by Melia Resorts.


Vicente Thereal says:

Was the beach very clean? Last time we went (to another hotel) it was very dirty

jumbocapt says:

is this all inclusive resorts?

evan mcgowan says:

Is every restaurant in the resort included?

diana king says:

thank you so much for the video I was having a hard time trying to figure out what resort I wanted to go to but this is a great one but thank you! !

BlueMang0s says:

This is a really nice walkthrough, I am going next week and this definitely helped me get a feel of the place!

Mary L says:

Rashaud, First of all, thanks for posting such a great and informative video! I was wondering what time of year you went? You mentioned in the video that the water was a little chilly, so I was just curious. Also, I’m confused with how you handle tipping at all inclusive resorts. Do you tip every time you get a drink or meal or do they not expect you to tip? Do you tip the housekeeping every day for cleaning your room? If you recommend tipping, how much do you suggest? I just want to make sure we bring enough money along 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Nashim Ablo says:

Really great video. I hope it has only gotten even better since you were there. My lady and I are going July 2015 so we are excited. I have never been to Mexico but she has. Is it worth renting a car while you are there to be able to get downtown and stuff? From what I know my american drivers license is valid there.

antqui11 says:

Staying there next month.. thanks for sharking! How did the all inclusive meals work? I’ve heard of complaints about waiting for dining.. is that the case here?

Angelique Minaya says:

I went their I was in the hotel room 3438 and I went to aqua world the aqua twister

笑笑小视频 says:

very informative video. can you upgrade to the loyal service? if yes, how much will that be? thanks.

Javier Maria says:

I work there

Oscar Rodriguez says:

Be there next week, awesome video thank you!!

John Waters says:


alfarog302 says:

great video

Aalisha Mcnair says:

if we r traveling my dad,mother and ten year old brother,will it be one room or two rooms?

damned1313 says:

What time of year did you go? It doesn’t look crowded at all.

Jean Roberts says:

Thank you Rashaud for the very informative video. Well done. It really made me comfortable in choosing my reservation with Paradisus Cancun. I appreciate the little peak at the Royal Service area too!

Nia Sefcik says:

@ 20:32 those 3 rooms are the rooms I stayed in with my family, the paradisius resort is absolutely amazing! I had an amazing time

tm Gar says:

Great Video!! Headed there next week! What Shuttle service did you use from the airport? Does the resort have it’s own shuttle service?

marie mejia says:

wooow ,Thank you!!! one question, what kind of room did you have? I am going next august

Lucky Lee says:

would you recommend renting your own car?

Guadalupe Ramirez says:

Great video. This is an amazing hotel. Is important to say that the internet is free, wi fi everywhere and all the room service also is for free.

luvmirh8mi says:

Is it kid friendly?

Harry K says:

I have to say this man, but out of ALL the videos I have watched day by day on youtube, you are the only person who has detailed and clean explanation of everything.  Excellent method of taping and explanation everything. Now I am trying to find somewhere to go in July, but from what I see this hotel is booked till August. I need to find something similar for July.

Carm Descallar says:

Amazing video! Just wondering does this resort have a sports bar?

Eric Rogers says:

Great video Rashaud, What time of year did you guys go We are planning a trip there But trying to avoid the Spring breakers though?


great video man i appreciate it im planning a trip there soon and this helped alot! thanks!!!

jimbo says:

ive visited that place 3 times

Tannia W says:

Really great review!!! We just booked a trip with our friends and their 5 year old son!!! Thank you!!

Jasmine Smith says:

Do the cabanas on the beach and at the pool cost money?

Deep Hathiramani says:

Nice to see that they upgraded a lot of the place after the last time I went there which was 2012. Hopefully we will go again this year..

Lucrecia Fernández says:

Hi, are from? you are gringo?

Kenny G says:

Very nice. Thank you

Claudia F says:

Hi I love your video and explanation of it! We are planning to go to this resort in October, and seeing your video I already love this hotel!
Is this hotel kids friendly?
I would like to know what type of camera did you used to film the video and if it is a waterproof camera.
I have a Nikon dsrl but not sure if I’ll should take it!

Teech says:

that zoom though lol…@8:58 right in my face lol nice review of the place. So do you still bring USD to paradisus? or mexican currency.

Diane Romanov says:

Going there in September.  Thanks for posting this video.  Looks great!

Kristine Sawdey says:

Thank you for this, I literally watched the entire thing and this video sold me on this resort, we are heading there in 3 weeks for school vacation. Thank you!

jeremiah agtarap says:

Hi Rashaud Avery, thank you for posting the video.I have a few questions, it says in site,and it had a list of restaurants like boas,vento,bana and market grill,etc, are those included in the “all inclusive” or you have to pay?,I watched your video and you said you paid in dolce vita, thanks.

Christina Park says:

Thank you for this awesome walk through!! I’ll be going there for my birthday. Wondering if they have any complimentary gifts or services. Also I’ll be bringing a floatee, do you happen to know if they have free air compressors?

Momzie_plans Bernal says:

Do you need to reserve the huts on the beach or is it first comes first serve ?

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