Paradisus Cancun 2018 Full Review 4k

Full review of the Paradisus Cancun by Melia resorts. A must stay if you are traveling to Cancun. The video shakes a bit but worth to watch. Spent the day at Isla Mujeres and used Aquaworld for excursions. Also did Jungle Tour. Great time.


Chris Wilson says:

Good review !
Booking next month !

derek randall says:

Thanks for the Paradisus review. Going there in 23 days. How much was it to upgrade to the family concierge? I cant find any info at all. Just myself and 2 daughters, 8 and 13.

Fred Simmons says:

thanks for the video. Did you happen to know if the beds near the kids pool you have to pay for? Going in July with the family so I appreciate your video

MU19HD says:

was it really busy ? what were the demographics in the hotel ? youngsters or more couples and familys ? great review overall

Zhida Xie says:

Amazing vedio. one quick question. Why so few people? Feels lonely if I’m the only one in that big pool.

Aaron Grootenboer says:

where are people haha? your own private resort….

Global National says:

I enjoy your video a lot, thanks. We will be there on June 29….do we need to make the reservation for all the restaurant for dinner? And what’s the different of royal service and family concierge? I have one 13 year boy in my group.

monito19802000 says:

Hi! Great vid. I’m going in October, that resort looks huge! Do you know if it’s possible to upgrade to Royal Service once you get to the hotel or do you really need to do it before you travel? We booked the normal stay but after watching your vid, we are really thinking about upgrading.

Martin Elizondo says:

Great video also very helpful. I will be arriving there this upcoming Friday and we got two regular rooms for four adults. Do you know much will it cost to upgrade to royal service?

John Waters says:

Thanks very nice video

Keith E says:

Great video. I’ve been looking for a good walk through of the resort.

Blake says:

Best review on youtube, Governor. Nice work.

tony duong says:

Amazing video! Did you feel safe here at Paradisus? I’m debating to go in July but heard so many bad things recently.

Jojo JN says:

It’s been 9 or so years since i’ve been there. I miss it and really want to go back!! We have the Melia club and it brings back memories as you walked around. Thank you 🙂

Sean Murphy says:

My wife and I are planning a Royal Service stay in April of 2019. You said you’ve been to Cancun a few times. Do you perhaps know how the weather is in April? And was the beach that full of seaweed your whole stay?

Saira Khan says:

Hi Ed! We are thinking of staying here next month, but the hotel only had lagoon facing rooms – and that’s why I am hesitating. What type of room did you stay in? BTW thanks for such an informative video! Awesome job! 🙂

ruben hdz says:

Thanks for the review! It will help a lot 🙂

William Brown says:

Ed you are getting good at this u-tube stuff

Blake says:

What kind of liquor quality is there for all-inclusive (free) package? You mentioned top shelf liquor somewhere, or everywhere?

BenzMuzik says:

Real good tour

Joanna Ross says:

Hey Ed- I’m wondering if you could answer 2 q’s for me- one was there lunch options in the a la carte restaurants? And 2 were there smoking areas throughout the resort?

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