Me Cancun By Melia 1st hand Review. WORST RESORT IN CANCUN

I have been to Cancun over 20 times in my life. I have stayed at a lot of resorts and recently because of the reviews we read we decided to try out this new place. They claim it is the “Party Spot” and geared towards people who like to party and have a good time. Hell, even the real world Cancun was filmed there. (Not that it means anything) Well we took the plunge and do we regret it! Everything you read about this place on their site is complete Bullshit. It is a terrible resort. All the reviews complaining about the service and the bullshit that goes on are true. A place like this could never legally exists in the United States. They pull so much bullshit here. Take your money anywhere else.


natash179 says:

@sassyv i like to do nothing but eat, drink, and relax as well. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for when planning a vacation. However there is such limited amount of food and selection that it’s just sad and pathetic.

Chikagobilly says:

$10K??? Hahaha Congratulations! You’re an idiot! Thought you’d find party central in Cancun? I’m sure Cancun is sick of douches like you who go to there to get fucked up and piss everybody off!

Michael Di Ruocco says:

Have you ever been to the hard rock cancun?

SVURulez says:

Kept watching this waiting for the punchline but I never got it. Wtf was this shit? The phone is cordless – you lift it up to talk, dumbass. The TV can be turned off if you point the remote at the controller – they point it out to you when you check in. The AC worked just fine for us, and we were there at the height of summer. And if the bathroom was too small for you, well I can only assume you’re an overweight American because we could comfortably fit two people into just the shower, let alone the rest of the bathroom. Our fridge was stocked just fine and we had more than enough to drink – you know, what with the unlimited alcohol at the multiple bars downstairs. Are you really too lazy to leave your room on a trip to *Cancun*? (See: fat American comment above.)

This is considered one of the nicer resorts on the strip because it’s not trashed by idiot American teenagers like yourself. People can enjoy quality food (at the multiple restaurants – every meal we had was top notch) rather than ordering a burger and fries from room service. The pools are clean, relaxing, and well-equipped for adults to lounge around, not for a bunch of dumb kids to get drunk and throw up in. Most people I saw were in the 20s to 30s age range, with a nice mix of groups and couples. You know, people who actually want to relax on their vacation, go on a few excursions during the day, and get full off good food and a nice buzz off good drinks, not gorge themselves on room service nachos and spend the entire day hungover.

tl;dr: If you’re a dumb teenager like the poster of this video and just want to get hammered and trash the resort, go stay at one of the 3 star places.

Jorge Alberto Lee Morillo says:

What places do you recommend in Cancun that are worth it and affordable?

ted g says:

It’s Mexico…duh.

David AFG says:

Thanks man I was about to book there. Im going to look elsewhere now.

markissable says:

Great review bro! Sorry the hotel ruined you guys’ trip like that! But you just did the partying world a HUGE favor, so thanks for your sacrifice, and I mean that seriously! Cancun is supposed to be a place to let loose and have some fun but if a hotel is this ANAL…fuck them!! I will NOT stay here with my friends and I travel deep….

Joshua A says:

Lol this guy is funny

ana stasia says:

Couldn’t agree me!!!! This place is crap, and it’s totally dead!!! I saw people literally falling asleep on the lobby couches, on a Saturday night. Food is complete shit also, especially their buffet. I wish I saw your review before I had booked my trip. 🙁
The cheap bastards who run this place might want to spend a couple of pesos and buy a second waffle maker, seeing as people had to stand in line for half an hour waiting for their waffles to be ready, because this place has
only one freaking waffle maker for their guests, which you had to wait for some slow ass girl to finish whatever she was doing, so she can poor the waffle batter into the machine. The people serving the food don’t even wear gloves, totally nasty.

Oh ya, the idiot that cut off my bracelet when we were checking out, nearly cut me when he cut off my bracelet. Fucktards

literally only one waffle maker. Will never set foot here again.

Thomas Perry says:

This guys review is complete bullshit. I just returned from a 7 day stay at the ME Cancun, and it was beyond amazing. The food, service and drinks were beyond top notch. You never go hungry or thirsty. Upon walking into the hotel we were greeted and offered a cold drink before we even checked in. The room was so nice and The mini bar in the room actually comes with 4 beer, and you get 6 bottles of water and some snacks. Yes they don’t supply you with hard liquor in the room but all you have to do is call the front desk or room service line and you have a nice Mexican bringing you whatever you want. Yes room service is 5 bucks for food but so what… It’s not a big deal, just don’t tip. The music was awesome, especially in the adults only pool which by the way you don’t have to pay to get in, nor do you have to buy a bottle. The main pool/swim up bar is all ages and have chairs and shaded beds for free to chill on. The adults only pool/swim up bar and infinity pool is free to enter and drink in, but they have Bali beds and cabanas. Which cost 40 bucks a day to get. They are so awesome. Well worth it. Also you get resort credit upon check in you can use towards that and other stuff. the beach swimming area is amazing. Beautiful cleaned white sand with all the beds and chairs you want for free. You can optionally buy bottle service at all these places. You get waited on while lounging or swimming and they have an awesome pool menu for food. So good. The restaurants were so good. I’ve never eaten food like that before. The service was excellent as well. We will be coming back to the ME next year. This stupid clown is just a typical dumb fuck who probably smokes meth. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Also the music and DJ’s were bumpin, it was loud and wild in the adults pool. Also FYI, you might even see some topless women in the adult pool. This guy said you can’t drink before 10, that’s bullshit. I was 2 drinks and tequila shot down before I even left breakfast at 8 AM. Yes, a lot of the higher end premium liquor is not included. But wtf man seriously, get down from your high horse and your liquor snob ivory tower you dumb clown. You’re not a baller. You’re not fooling anyone. Liquor is liquor, man up and drink it. Resort is definitely geared toward the younger crowd Happy partying 😉

rose saliwa says:

We should have viewed this video before staying at this stupid hotel with all of its dimmed pink lights everywhere. Every floor smelled like ammonia. Nothing to do at night. Made a reservation to salt they made my husband go change because he wasn’t wearing long pants, which was fucking stupid. He was dressed up for there stupid restaurant. The food took 3 hours and was discussing and dry. They checked our bracelets constantly, why would we be in your hotel if we weren’t staying there. They charge you for everything single thing. Our room cards constantly did not work. During check out, they tried to charge us for room service fee when we had paid every time they come up. Told them we wanted to see all the receipts, the guy went in the back and did not come back for 20 minutes. He didn’t show us any of the receipts, he apologized for the inconvenience and voided the charge. Whatever you do, do not stay here. Worst hotel

Véronique Thibault says:

this is total bullshit. i am in Cancun right now in Me and it perfect. you should have lower expectations, cause you must be very sad.

UFCMexicanfighter says:

What resort in cancun would you recommend going to?

natash179 says:

SUVRulez i’m not the type of person they cater to? What type of person am I? whom exactly do they cater to? If it’s select people, they should put that on their website so people are aware.

Mike H says:

If you want to stay at a good resort while in Mexico, Stay at the Riu Cancun.

nema pishnamaz says:

what hotel do you recommend for fun and price then im leaving soon to cancun

Joseph Miessau says:


LifeAsKristy says:

This is all bullshit. I stayed at ME cancun last week for an entire week and it was an amazing resort. Food is incredible, customer service is amazing, booze. even top shelf is FREE, our hotel room was always cold as fuck because the a/c worked the way we liked it. There were hot chicks everywhere. The adult pool IS free! We didn’t go into it for 2 days due to your dip shit review. Finally we asked some friends we made and yes, it was free! There is a $5 charge for room service but get the fuck over it. I loved this resort and me and my husband laughed at your review the whole time. I fell asleep on the beach and guess what? no one gave a shit. this review is biased because this poor asshole couldn’t get any pussy on his spring break. Meanwhile, me and my husband spend our time watching hot ass brazilian chicks get drunk with their tops off. I give ME 5 STARS. This guy is an idiot and the resort was stunning. I’ll definitely visit again.

rashiona A says:

Omg I’m at the Me right now. The first 24 hrs down and we have the exact same complaints and more 3 years later.

Daniel higa says:

Dude thanks for the review!! Fucking sucks!! Quick question, what resort will you recommend and how much do you think is a good price for an all inclusive. Thanks once again.

natash179 says:

Those who disagree with this review are probably being paid to write it. This place has so many things wrong with it I don’t know where to begin.

tcoale says:

I really wish I saw this before I booked this damn hotel..  went there for 7 nights, and like yourself was extremely disappointed in what they advertise themselves as and what you get once you arrive.  Thanks for doing this video.  I couldn’t agree more with your review and this was 3 years later.  Have NEVER been to an all-inclusive with so many different upgrades and bands and upcharges for everything.  Completely ridiculous.  Anyone reading viewing this I hope isn’t too late like I was.

Oliver Contadores says:

thanks i was about to book in that hotel

natash179 says:

I wish I saw this review a few weeks ago. I totally agree with you. This place sucks!!!

natty m says:

Where do you recommend (cancun all inclusive <$1500 CAD)

eye eye says:

smoke your mom and dads weed and cocaine, because you don’t work, eventually kicked out, with no job, but don’t reply to me again. bit of advise…

Susie Cordova says:

Hey hun,Ima start working there next week! It loooks like a nice place and great staff!Hopefully its not like that anymore,

Jim Mc says:

WOW Thank you so fucking much for this review because i was about to book this place for jan31 for me and a buddy from B.C..I will not be gonig here Thank you again ,But i am sorry you got screwed over,

Tammy Masid says:

I would like to say thank you so much.  I was just getting ready to book this resort when I watch your video.  I will not be booking any stay at ME.   

Pedro Cotrim says:

You want to stay in a BAR not in a HOTEL…All complains about ALCOOL…

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