Live Aqua All-inclusive Hotel Cancun Review

A real review of the 5 star hotel from a middle class couples prospective.


Alondra Cardenas says:

what hotel did you stay at in punta cana?

Cody Vella says:

We got a standard room, around 6-7 nights and really enjoyed our stay there. We were two floors down from the top and right in the middle facing the ocean.

Tom Di says:

Good honest review, Thank you VM

Myriam Rodriguez says:

BTW if you upgrade you get a cabana everyday with a 20 min foot massage EVERYDAY…….don’t be a cheapo get an upgrade…you got what you paid for!!!!!! NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Monique Jackson says:

Thank you so much for this review. Very helpful!

A Big Fat Man! says:

I wouldn’t think they would charge extra for the cabanas at an all inclusive 🙁

Salvador Cardenas says:


No name28 says:

You have what the locals might call “sangre pesada”

Andy Schwartz says:

Not sure why you got your panties in a bind. 3pm check-in mean….3PM CHECK-IN. You can’t “expect” an early check-in because you’ve got it everywhere else. An early check-in is a nice thing, but it’s not guaranteed. As far as your shower experience, you should have brought it to the attention of the hotel manager. And your wet bar…I dunno about you, but your drinking experience should shine OUTSIDE your room. We’ve stayed at Live Aqua before and this review certainly does not define the overall experience. You’re expectations are unrealistic.

Eugene Arabadzhi says:

They didn’t give him a free upgrade, and immediately it’s profiling. Bruh.

Thanks for the review tho. I’ll keep some of the things in mind.

Bobby Mo says:

Damn this guys picky. Enjoy your time there.

Danny Nguyen says:

Great review!

Amanda Mullis says:

Thanks for the detailed review! I hate to hear you guys didn’t enjoy your stay. My husband and I absolutly loved our stay last year.. So much so, we’re going back in a few weeks.
I thought the same at first with a couple of the amenities having an up charge. However, we were aware of any extra fees prior to booking.
It is definitly not a lively place in the evenings. But we knew that going in to it and were quite alright with that.
Seems like you guys actually got a pretty decent deal, $160 per person per night.. I know I definitly eat/drink at least $160 per day!!
If you guys give this place a try again, hopefully you’ll have a better experience.
Happy traveling!

websterbodybuilder says:

Thanks for posting your video
My wife and I usually stay at one of the many Secrets resorts
We found a deal for January 2017 8 days with air from NY $ 1100 per person
Most of the things that aggravate you also aggravate me .
The late check in time happens on occasion … My carry on bag is ready just in case
Did your price include airfare ? Was it 600 per person ?
Always ask directly for a room upgrade !!!!

kev 1318 says:

Fuck u in Mexico we have bests hotels then usa u and trump can fuck in they

Enrique Mora says:

King shit…

Salvador Cardenas says:

how do you get that type of deal on this hotel??? 500 for the whole week!!!!???

Luis Barrios says:

i can’t really agree on some of the complaints on this review. especially being allegedly profiled. because im from america and there is no country that profiles more than the usa. Another thing i doubt its profiling is because 90% of vacationers go with beach wear. The check in is at 3pm you were in your room by 2:30pm. The room wasn’t ready but still you were in early can’t really be that hard on them for that. I would have gone straight to the bar or taken care of the activities around the area, now the tub issue is correct, that is annoying, I’ve stayed at multiple all inclusive resorts that do not include the cabana’s. If they were free you would never ever have one available. However a real 5 star resort in cancun would be all 5 palace resorts, le blanc and hard rock hotel even riu is awesome.

Matthew Patjawee says:

Nice review, very informative. Kinda swayed me away, thinking of booking my boys bachelor party at RIU Cancun now.

peaceofmind7777777 says:

Nice review thanks!

organic don't panic says:

thanks 4 the review

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