4K 2018 The Grand at Moon Palace Review — LUXURY AND VALUE?

Like most people, I work hard for my money and when spending a lot on an all-inclusive vacation, I want to make sure I get the most for my money. The Grand at Moon Palace is nowhere the cheapest but considering what you get, it’s a relative bargain. I searched YouTube for as much info as I could get on the resort but most videos were just vacation videos. I hope this one helps you out if you’re wanting more info on this resort. To cover everything, I think I’d have to go for another week. We literally missed half the resort – it’s that Grand!


Kyra Z says:

Absolutely amazing! Got back in January!❤️

Nick Rutherford says:

Great video! just wondering if you thought this resort was more on the family aspect side of things, I’m just coming out of high school and me and some friends are looking into doing a trip down in Mexico but of course we don’t want to be surrounded by kids the whole time, if you have any recommendations for a good resort thats a good value and would suit the young adult needs let me know! it’d be much appreciated, thanks so much!

April Leigh says:

If your thinking of going to the grand you should definitely try the grill it’s the best it’s below the elite centre

TheTechster123 says:

I go there every other year and love the all-inclusive dining, magnificent pools, and all the amenities!!

Global National says:

I heard that we can’t swim at the beach because of seaweed , is that right?

Collin Dugas says:

Going next week so exited also this is my second time

Jim McAndrew says:

Great video. thanks so much. Did the grand also have kayaks, sailboats and hobie cats?

Jai Velpula says:

I am, going to message co to the grand hotel

MattManWithoutRobin says:

Stayed there last year and it was phenomenal, especially the food! Only negatives were the beach (not as nice as the hotel district, though you can visit their sister resort) and the sound system for the shows in the theater wasn’t very good. But the hotel is gorgeous and the resort is massive. Well worth it.

mickeyandmelody says:

Loved your review. Really enjoyed it. What is the difference between the Grand and the Moon? Thank you !

Samantha Cruz says:

Hello Brian, is true that there is a casino like vegas??

Aimee Igloliorte says:

We had a bar in our room

24kt on my wrist says:

Hello ! any drink recommendations at the bar?

Gaby Cachon says:

Awesome review! The family is very excited after watching your video! I’m thinking of requesting building 88 and I was wondering if thats a good choice? We have a baby with us so we want to be close to the restaurants, lobby and the pools and activities for our teenagers. Or if you could suggest a different building and why? Would really appreciate your help!

Ivan Franco says:

Excellent video!

meganjerai says:

Do you think a single woman would like this resort? I’m looking for a resort for Labor Day.

Angela Talerico Dalton says:

was the mini bar all inclusive? thank you for the video!

Pat Davis says:

Taking the Mrs. There in July hope my golf game is on. Beautiful place

Ded Inside says:

Stayed at Club Paradise Cancun last August, staying here this August!

jojo candelario says:

great and detailed video, We love it! Thanks for posting!

Brian Kelly says:

Hey Brian, hope you see this comment, one quick thing at around the 7 minute mark you say the hotel is about a year old, it actually is quite a bit older, just they made insane renovations to it. It used to be extremely small and the entire lobby is brand new (lobby used to be right on edge of Grand and Nizuc). Just letting you know in case anyone has brought that up in a question or anything about it. I’ve been going to Moon Palace for roughly 10 years now, i think ive been there a dozen times or so, and I have to say this review was phenomenal. You said you didnt really get to check out Nizuc and Sunrise much and since you have many people emailing you I think I have a few things that could help. The quality of everything (food, drink, service, entertainment) is the same across the board: all fantastic. I would say the Grand used to be the quietest of the 3 but now I would say that Nizuc is. Sunrise is definitely nicer than Nizuc, as the rooms are bigger. The rooms in each of the 3 hotels are also different in shape and size, I believe the Grand has the biggest, but in terms of the suites, sunrise has in my opinion the nicest living/dining room (one could easily disagree). In terms of being able to go to the grand if you stay at sunrise or nizuc, we stayed at Sunrise in May and were able to go to the Grand freely and werent told to leave, this was without day pass. I dont know if this means we just werent caught but we had dinner reservations at the steakhouse and ate there no problem. I believe you just need day pass for water park, because we could use spa at the grand too. On top of that as of May the slides at the water park were still down as I heard (dont know if true or not) that inspectors failed the slides and they were bringing in another company. Hope this helps, I’ve enjoyed all my experiences at Moon Palace and thought you represented it perfectly. If you ever go back I would definitely recommend checking out the other 2 hotels in the resort!

Leslee Ahrend says:

We are headed here in June for 8 nights. We can’t wait. We are curious about the bowling. Is it free for Grand guest or does everyone have to pay?

Maidoua Xiong says:

Love your video!!! It’s a really good vlog to help me decide on which all inclusive to choose next.

One question though… how far is the walk from one end to the other for the Grand? Thank you

Sam De La Cruz says:

How is the beach?

Jade Tinoco says:

Im going next week for spring break and it will take me two days to get there but from this video I will totally do everything as possible. Thank you!!

Jay W says:

Palace member here, been going to Moon Palace for years. I think it’s absurd that you need to pay for a day pass to use the Grand. Wonder if this applies to lobby bar, club, adult pool, etc. Went last July and were free to enter the Grand for those things mentioned.

enrique mendoza says:

I’ve been here twice it’s all inclusive at its best

Andrew Heslop says:

Fantastic in depth video cheers

Jeff Minzey says:

Great review! can’t wait to go there this summer. Do they allow you to fly your drone around the property? I want to bring mine with me

Dominique Moradi says:

hello im wondering why i cant find anything about the beach quality at the grand? is it a beautiful beach like others you will find in cancun? you cant find much about the quality of the beach or photos/videos of the beach anywhere! thanks! were planning to go for 10 nights beginning of june.

Everyday Reviews says:

I’ve had many people email me regarding the resort and I try to respond as quick as I can so please be patient. If you’ve booked because of watching this review, please drop a comment, I’d like to know what you thought of the resort. Also, if you’d like to see more resort reviews, let me know. Thanks

Yaellis Ortiz says:

Omg I’m going to that resort and I get 5 nights free and the rest I can pay for 20% of I’m really excited to go on July 6th

Sprinty Penguin says:

Nice ep

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